Welcome to this week’s installment of F2P Friday, where we highlight our favorite Free-2-Play games. The video game market is oversaturated, and sometimes, hidden gems fall through the cracks. This is where we do the digging for you and feature a new F2P game every week that we know you will enjoy. Let’s dive in!

TRIGGER WARNING: This game deals with very heavy topics, including self-harm, suicide and suicidal ideation. If you are sensitive to these topics, this isn’t the game for you. If you are looking for a free-2-play game with darker theming but lighter subject matter, might I suggest Purrgatory? You can read about it at the link below this warning. 

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Missed Messages

Missed Media-dorm room interior

Missed Messages is a narrative story game by developer and artist Angela He. It’s an intriguing story that manages to balance romance, mental illness and meme elements. Fans of games like Life is Strange will enjoy Missed Messages

This is a story about how quickly people can leave your life and how even the smallest gesture can mean the world to someone else. It reminded me to slow down and check on the people I love. This game is also LGBTQ+ inclusive, with a main protagonist who is a lesbian. 

The Basics

This is a point-and-click narrative story game, so the gameplay is pretty straightforward. The player is presented with choices that lead to four separate endings. You start at your computer with several different choices work, slack off or check on your roommate. What you choose to do with your time will determine the ending you get. 

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Playing through all four endings doesn’t take long, a little less than an hour. Within that time, you’ll play as a college student. You live in a dorm with your roommate, May. The protagonist remains nameless, and the majority of the story revolves around May. 

Why Should You Play? 

So why should you play Missed Messages? This game is a powerful experience that isn’t for everyone, but if you can handle the subject matter, there is so much to love about this game. The art style is a highlight of the game. The visuals are soft and aesthetic, typically against certain scenes with a sharp, horror-esque edge. This contrast in styles is striking and makes the game incredibly interesting. 

The sound design is nice, but the dialogue options are what drew me in. I was genuinely interested in playing all of the endings to learn more about the characters. I’d suggest Missed Messages to anyone who enjoys emotional, story-driven narratives. 

Have a F2P game you’d like us to check out? Played this one before? We love to hear from you gamers in the comments! If you are ready to tackle the mystery for yourself, you can download Missed Messages from Steam here!


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