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Medusa’s Labyrinth
The world created in Medusa's Labyrinth.

The temple the player explores in Medusa’s Labyrinth.

The Basics

Medusa’s Labyrinth set in ancient Greece is a first-person horror game. The game mixes horror and stealth mechanics with the myths and legends that are over 2,000 years old. It was developed and published by Guru Games and was released on PC through Steam on October 15, 2016. The release is a shorter portion of a much larger game that the development team was working on at the time. This short story however is perfect on its own.

Players will navigate through the abandoned halls and catacombs on Temple Island. The art style and audio work together to create a haunting ambiance that would scare even the bravest players. While exploring the island and its temples players can interact with the story through pieces of paper. The stealth mechanic works well as the player progresses and must safely move to pass the enemy within the temple.

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Why You Should Play It

Medusa’s Labyrinth is short and sweet. When you find yourself limited on time but still want to get a game in, this one is perfect. The Greek mythology built into the story serves more than just a filler but helps define the game. The development team put a lot of thought into creating the atmosphere. This transports players to another world while in-game.

The immersion into the story helps to strengthen the immersion into the game itself. The help of the haunting music and ambiance surrounding you adds an uneasy feeling that every horror game strives to do. The only downfall that comes with it is that in the end you just want more. Hopefully with enough support Guru Games can continue development on a future game and add more to this compelling story.

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