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Level in where you need to move blocks to reach the demon in Helltaker.

The Basics

Helltaker is an indie puzzle game from developer Vanripper. It was released back in May 2020 for PC through Steam. The story kicks off as Beelzebub gets comfy and tells us the story of a man known as Helltaker. He journeyed through Hell in search of his one true love. Well loves really, because his main goal is to collect a harem of business suit-wearing demon chicks.

Helltaker features ten levels to play through. The first eight levels feature a set of similar mechanics. This includes a move timer, spikes that reduce moves when stepped on, and skeletons and blocks that need to be moved. Each puzzle has one solution and there is no better feeling when you figure it out. Solving the puzzle leads to a brief interaction with the demon of the level. Answer correctly and she will join you. Give the wrong answer and only death awaits.

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The final puzzle is what makes Helltaker one of my favorite games. It swaps the original mechanics with a now scrolling platform. The goal is to dodge the chains as they randomly appear. Once the platform stops moving the task shifts to destroy the large chains holding it down. Each short portion becomes increasingly harder. Successfully completing this acquires the final demon for your harem and you get to hang out and make pancakes for eternity. This is just a perfect way to end the game.

Why You Should Play

Helltaker promises more than just fun puzzle gameplay. The music alone is worth running this in the background once you are done playing. The art style is fantastic as well. Between art and mechanics, this is just a fun game to play. While it does center around the idea of the protagonist heading off into Hell in order to build his harem, the game is never distasteful. I found the encounters between characters to be hilarious and the game never takes itself seriously.

Speaking of taking itself seriously, Helltaker can be one of the hardest or easiest puzzle games to play. At any time you don’t know how or don’t feel like completing a puzzle you can skip right over it. You will still need to answer the demon’s question to get her to join your group before moving onto the next one. The only two levels that can’t be skipped are eight and nine, but they happen to be the best ones. If you are looking for a short puzzle style game that will have you laughing the whole way through, Helltaker is exactly what you need.



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