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Grimm’s Hollow

Lavender facing off against two ghosts in the caves in Grimm's Hollow.

Lavender facing off against two ghosts in the caves.

The Basics

Grimm’s Hollow from indie developer Ghosthunter is a pixel graphic role-playing game. It originally released on PC through Steam on October 30, 2019, and was a hit with gamers. Players take control of Lavender, a recently dead soul who isn’t strong enough to move onto the afterlife, as she searches for her brother Timmy. She joins the ranks of reapers who help souls that have too much spirit energy get to the other side by…well reaping them. The journey from beginning to end will pull at your heartstrings and bring out some tears.

The combat system is turn-based but flows quickly to keep players on their toes. The player is able to hit for more power or even evade by successfully hitting skill checks that appear on the screen. When Lavender reaps a ghost she gains spirit energy that can be spent to upgrade her base abilities of speed, strength, defense, special power, and learn new special abilities. Grimm’s Hollow features three ghost-filled caves to explore as well as the cute inn, bakery, and home of the big guy himself.

Why You Should Play

Grimm’s Hollow has everything you want in an RPG without the endless hours of grinding. The enemy ghosts have different abilities that will keep you on your toes and deciding which abilities you want to focus your spirit energy into makes everyone’s gameplay customizable. What really drew pixel art style that is a perfect throwback to Gameboy style games and the accompanying music score. The world they have created is beautiful and enjoyable to continue playing in.

The real heart of Grimm’s Hollow comes in the form of its story and the way it pulls at your heart. The game draws you in with its cute ghosts and turn-based combat system and then hits you in the face with your own feelings. It really makes you think about what you would do in her situation and what lengths you would go to in order to protect your family. If you are a fan of RPGs but looking for something that is short and sweet, Grimm’s Hollow is worth checking out.

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