Online casinos have become a big hit within the gaming world, including the UK, and who can blame players? Fully accessible games when paired with a strong internet connection, gameplay available any time of day, where ever you are, with the addition of some sites offering casino promotions, is too good not to take advantage of. With this in mind, we wanted to take a look at some of the great games ready and waiting for players to take for a spin within the online lobbies.

Read on as we walk through the virtual online casino floor in search of some games to delight our gaming tastebuds.

Penny Roulette

We can’t enter a casino, virtually or in a real-life establishment, without mentioning the classic game, Roulette. The Roulette wheel has become an iconic symbol for casinos through the years, so it’s only right we start with a game of Roulette as our first port of call. Penny Roulette is an online game designed to be accessible for all players, no matter their wagering limit. As the name suggests, wagers can start from as little as a penny in this game! The same rules and betting odds apply within this casino favourite and is played upon the European wheel, consisting of just the one zero.

Jacks or Better

If it’s a card game you’re searching for, look no further than Jacks or Better, where the aim of the game is to hold the best hand and beat the dealer. Winning hands are those found within the more commonly known casino classic, Poker. Just like Penny Roulette, gameplay bets can start from just 0.01 credits, where you’ll be dealt five cards at random. As you turn over your cards, will you discover a winning hand to beat the dealer, or will you simply have to try your luck again?

Fishin’ Frenzy Scratchcard

If scratchcards are more your thing, then you’ll be pleased to know that online casinos are home to plenty of scratchers too, including one with a fishing theme. In this specific scratchcard, when you purchase just one card, you’ll be presented with three games. In the first game, you’ll need to scratch away four bait boxes to reveal some numbers. If two numbers match, you’ll win a prize. Moving to the next game, there’ll be three panels – you’ll need to scratch these to reveal the hidden symbols. Find a fish symbol and reel yourself in a prize. The final part within the scratcher is a standard YOURS Vs THEIRS match.

However, playing some scratchcards within the online casino world comes with added bonuses to those you have to manually scratch with a coin, just like within the Fishin’ Frenzy card. If at any point you reveal a fisherman symbol, you’ll unlock the Reel of Fortune feature. It’s here that you could win a prize of either a cash multiplier or entry into an additional bonus round called the Catch of the Day Bonus. If this is activated, the screen of the game will transform into 16 windows. Each window will spin and possibly gift you with fish symbols. Each fish caught within the reels of this bonus will award you with a cash multiplier.

If scratchcards aren’t your thing, but Slots are, there are many variations of Fishin’ Frenzy within the Slots lobby waiting for you to discover and reel in some Fishin’ fun!

These are just three of the many delights that await you within the online casino floor, it’s up to you which direction you take to see all that the casinos have to offer you online, but where will you be heading first?

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