If you thought the world was done talking about Shadow and Bone, you clearly thought wrong. And if you are a part of the crowd, like me, that is just waiting for more Grishaverse content to enjoy, then I have a treat for you! Netflix and the team behind the series, including author Leigh Bardugo and showrunner Eric Heisserer, bring you the Shadow and Bone Virtual Experience. The fully interactive website allows visitors to experience the beauty of the Grishaverse in so many different ways. There is quite a bit of exploring, so we broke down the major areas on the site to enjoy!

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The Grishaverse Map

Of course, the Shadow and Bone map isn’t just any map – it’s interactive! The fully decorated map that comes to life as we navigate allows us to explore Ketterdam, The Shadow Fold, Keramzin, Kribirsk, Fjerda, Os Alta and even Tsibeya. By clicking on a location, another screen will pop up with information about the location and include images and clips from the show. I love all the little tidbits of information it provides that really help bring each of the places to life.

The best part of the Grishaverse Map is that it also includes an interactive 3D walkthrough of Alina’s (Jessie Mei Li) room and The Crow Club! Within Alina’s room, we learn more about her time at the Little Palace, Genya’s (Daisy Head) powers as a Tailorer, the Ravkan alphabet and number system, plus so much more! At The Crow Club, we get the chance to learn more about Kaz (Freddy Carter), Jesper (Kit Young) and Inej (Amita Suman). We also learn about the types of cards they use in Ketterdam and get a close-up look at what Kruge looks like!

Which Crow Are You?

Ever wonder which of the Crows you were most like? Well, the Shadow and Bone virtual experience gives us the chance to figure out where you fit in. Are you wicked smart, fearless and play to win? Are you charming, witty and a crack shot? Or are you silent as a shadow and throw knives like your life depends on it? Draw a card and find out who you are most like. Not happy with your card? Feel free to draw again, but know deep down they don’t lie. Honestly, I would love to be as skilled as any of them!

Join The Ravkan Army

If joining The Crows isn’t your cup of tea, how about signing up for a spot within the Ravka army? Are you a tracker within the first army like Mal (Archie Renaux)? Or are you an Etherialki in the second army like Zoya (Sujaya Dasgupta)? By answering 12 short questions, you will be given which rank best suits you and what characters fill those roles. You might even get the chance to join the Cartography team just like Alina! Be sure to share your results on social media with friends and family and see who will be traveling through the Grishaverse together!

Your Grisha Avatar

Are you ready for my favorite part of the Shadow and Bone virtual experience? Creating your own Grisha avatar! First, you need to decide which category you fall into, Corporalki, Etherialki or Materialki and your actual ability. If you took the Ravkan Army quiz before this, you are already a set ahead! After choosing which group you belong with, you get to play Tailor and customize your avatar’s appearance. You can adjust the hair, eyes, mouth and skin color to bring your character to life. When you are all done, give them a name and share it with your friends and family!


Regardless of how you spend your time exploring the Shadow and Bone virtual experience, I guarantee you will truly enjoy it! If you haven’t gotten the chance to stream Shadow and Bone, you can find it here on Netflix!

This article was originally published 4/26/21

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