CrowD Games is launching a Kickstarter campaign in 2022 for an updated and tightened-up version of Evolution: The Origin Of Species, a board game originally released in 2010 by Rightgames. The new version is called Evolution: New World. It will accommodate 2-4 players and possibly contain a solo and cooperative mode as well. Per CrowD Games, In Evolution: New World, you create animals and give them traits essential to surviving in an ever-changing environment. Over the course of the game, successful animals evolve and procure food, while poorly adapted species become extinct or fall prey to predators. At the end of the game, victory points are awarded for your surviving animals and the traits they possess. 
In looking at the promotional materials I received from CrowD Games, the game has several similarities to one of my all-time favorites, Evolution, from North Star Games, which makes sense since that game is in the same design tree as Evolution: New World. The premise is unsurprisingly the same, creating species that can adapt to the environment, eat, and hopefully thrive. The art is also similar in its vibrance and beauty, although here it is real-world animals (not fictional). But New World seems to streamline a few things which could possibly shorten game time and also adds a wrinkle or two.
There will be a new land area introduced in each of the six rounds of the game which will dictate the types and amounts of food and shelter that will be available for the animals. Instead of maintaining body size and food on player boards, as was done in the North Star version, here tokens will be placed directly on cards and size will be a trait. Extinction has also been streamlined because if an animal is hungry at the end of the round, it is immediately and completely eliminated. 
All in all, while there are great similarities between the games, it appears this new version looks to improve on what is an already brilliant game. I am really looking forward to picking this one up. Check it out when it launches. Thanks for reading and keep nerding on. Please consider subscribing to my Youtube channel to see all my tabletop videos. 
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