Entrepreneur. Influencer. Creator. Hustler. Whatever you want to consider yourself you know the trials of trying to keep up with everything ‘entertainment’ while working on your daily grind.

Social media and entertainment have taken over the world so it has never been so important to not only stay on top of the trends but to be able to predict them and get ahead of them.

We are going to tell you about everything you need to know that’s new in entertainment including how to stay on top of the news, using digital content to get more customers, your ultimate music news source, and the latest in social media.

The Context You Need

In the world of entertainment, things are changing so fast it can be hard to catch up. Trying to absorb the latest news and entertainment can sometimes feel like you are drinking water from a fire hose. How are you supposed to know what’s important and what’s just noise? Wouldn’t it be so nice to just wake up and have the important content all laid out for you? 

This is where The Future Party comes in. Every morning they will break down the trends of today that will influence the decisions of tomorrow. And best of all, they send it right to your inbox for free. 

The content you can expect to get is all things pop-culture, entertainment, crypto, Elon Musk, and entrepreneurship in their daily email. Did we mention it was free? The messages they send will have you feeling empowered before breakfast.

In addition to their emails, they also offer exclusive, monthly events. You will not only be incredibly inspired but you will be given a chance to absorb a ton of knowledge through their dinners, parties, brand activations, panels, and so many other exciting events.

If it’s happening now, you can be sure The Future Party already told you about it. This way you will be so ahead of the trends that your business has no choice but to become an incredible success! 

Digital Marketing Professionals

These days it feels like everyone and their grandmother are content creators. For most people, they just need an iPhone and an internet connection, but not you. You know it takes more than that. 

Creators must focus on creating videos but it’s no easy feat to make a high converting video ad on your own. So if you are really serious about upping your creator game from just a side gig to an actual hustle, you need the professionals on your side. 

VisCap Media is your digital content marketing partner that will help you grow your brand, develop content, and turn clicks into customers. You know your brand and vision inside and out but sometimes it’s hard to create the content that’s necessary to reach your audience. 

VisCap Media understands the struggle so they will work as an extension of your team to create engaging content that leaves an everlasting impression. One way they will do this is through user-generated content. 

Gone are the days of brands selling directly to the consumer and distrust has been formed. As a society, we are more willing to buy something based on a non-biased review which is why it is critical that you humanize your brand.

Finally, the great thing about having a professional team on your side, they will be able to help you create content for all available social media platforms. They know the ins and outs of each of them so they know how to help you through those pesky algorithms.

In the World of Music

Gone are the days of having to wait for our magazine subscription to see the latest news in music. Now with everything at our literal fingertips, we can catch up on the latest gossip or be the first to know about when the latest album is going to drop.

It can be hard to find a reputable and reliable source for music news these days though. The internet is great but it can be a lot to filter through. So if you are looking for the best we know exactly where to send you.

If it happened in music,  UDiscover Music has for sure got it covered. You will find everything from the Beatles to Kanye, the B-52’s to Stan Getz, and everything in between. Trust us, they know it all when it comes to music.

If you are looking to find out what’s trending in the world of music, their news section will be where you can see who is releasing new singles and who is headed to the studio to record. 

We absolutely love their playlists section. This is a great place to discover music new and old. Or maybe learn about your favorite artists and pick up some unknown facts about the songs you love. It’s a great place to just browse and get lost in the music.

The Latest in Social Media

If you are wanting to know what is the latest trend in entertainment you will find it on TikTok. This is where you can follow content creators for inspiration before jumping in there yourself!

TikTok is the leader among social media and where the trends begin. It’s amazing which videos go viral and it can sometimes be hard to predict so here are some tips to get your content more views.

Find trending sounds early and use them. You can find it by searching audio and look for ones that are growing but maybe aren’t too over-used yet. This way people can find your content when they search the trending audio and this will increase your viewership.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Go for that lip sync video. Try that new trending TikTok dance. Let everyone see a P.O.V. video of your day. Whether you only try one or all, it’s important to at least give it a go. Oftentimes it’s the videos that you put the least effort in are the ones that often go viral. Let loose and be silly!

Finally, once you have the ability to use the ‘go live’ feature it’s important to incorporate this into your routine. This is a great resource to really connect with your viewers and it makes you seem accessible and more human instead of just a video on your phone. You can either use it to announce something exciting or to do a question and answer session. Pro tip: TikTok seems to like lives and will reward those creators by putting them on users FYP more often.

Our Final Note

Now you are ready to expand your content with all of these great entertainment resources. It’s important to stay on top of what’s happening in this space as it can move and change so quickly.

The Future Party and UDiscover Music are the sources for all things content. You will be up on all the news and trends of what’s happening in pop culture and music. 

You can then use that knowledge and VisCap Media’s expertise to progress your brand even further and to expand your audience. And there’s no better platform to do this on right now than TikTok.

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