Wagering on esports is the current trend and in case you’re just getting your feet wet, then chances are that you know very little about it. Yes, you might have a knack for some of the top esports franchises but if you don’t have any history of sports betting, then you are in for a challenge.

But, why should you worry when you can have access to daily esports betting tips that will optimize your wagering results? As betting on esports gains more popularity with various games played on a daily, more technologies also develop that will help you in placing winning wagers using the right knowledge. As such, you can gain access to different betting markets, sportsbook bonuses, hundreds of tipsters and analysts, and betting data available at https://bettingmetrics.com/.

In this guide, we explain to you the basics that you need to know about betting on esports. Even if the industry is still fairly new, it’s far from being easily understood.

So, What Are Esports?

Simply, esports are electronic sports that have a centre of focus on very organized and highly competitive video games. If you’re an enthusiast of any competitions or tournaments then you probably know that they always bring with them very lucrative markets.

Now that you’re familiar with what esports is all about, let’s have a look at its history, shall we? The first-ever venture into video game competition dates back to 1972 at California’s Stanford University. The tournament’s focus was the game Spacewar that an ultimate prize of an annual subscription to the Rolling Stone Magazine. The competition had only a handful of people competing.

Since then, the esports competitions have diversified and developed throughout the decades with the first genuine tourney hosted by Atari, a games developer, in 1980. About 10,000 competitors took part to determine who would emerge the winner of the all-time traditional game of Space Invaders.

The latter years of the 20th Century witnessed an increase in the magnitude and potential of esports competitions. The internet played a huge role in allowing the world to access a huge number of multiplayer, online video games. To date, the esports competition prize totals have increased to as much as millions of dollars.

What are the Categories of Esports Games?

Esports tournaments are typically made up of different sorts of video games. Majorly, there are five gaming categories with various other scattered game titles that aren’t part of any of the following groups:

  • First Person Shooters – They are also commonly called FPS. Usually, as a player, you experience the game through the eyes of the character you’re playing as. Some examples of popular tournament games that fall under this category include Call of Duty, Doom, Painkiller, and others.
  • Sports – The theme of these games are bound to popular sports from around the world. The most notable sporting game is FIFA that’s produced by EA Sports Company.
  • Fighting – These include the classic fighting or battle games such as Tekken, Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, among others.
  • Real-Time Strategy – Also called RTS. These have individuals competing over the web and include game titles like Warcraft, StarCraft Series, and Age of empires.
  • Multiplayer Online Battle – MOBA games are almost the same as RTS games. But, in place of one player taking control of multiple units, it incorporates a team with each team member controlling a unit. They include games like Smite, League of Legends, and others.

Criteria for Finding the Top Esports Betting Sites

Over the years, esports betting sites have progressively grown to become better versions. Some years back, there only existed a handful of sites you could use to wager on esports. Today, however, there are several sportsbooks that it becomes a challenge to find the perfect sites.

So, what should you keep an eye out for when looking for? According to our experts, the following are the key factors:

  • Credible wagering licenses – In the larger gambling world, online betting and gambling sites need to adhere to international laws as per various gambling bodies. It enhances credibility, fairness, and good customer experience.
  • Withdrawal terms & conditions – Simply put, the cash out methods should be among your key priorities. You ought to find a bookie that has no stringent limitations when it comes to withdrawing your winnings as some sportsbooks increase the charges to unreasonable amounts.
  • Payment methods – A bookie that offers a higher number of payment options is a better pick since you’re most likely to come across your favourite deposit and withdrawal method(s).
  • User experience – This means that you need to be watchful of a bookmaker’s ability to lure and maintain punters on their site. Therefore, highly interactive and optimized sites with a straightforward betting process should be a priority.
  • The number of esports markets available – Choose a site that will accommodate your betting preferences in case they change. As such, you wouldn’t require to frequently sign into different bookies every time you want to bet on different games.
  • Special wagers – These are game-specific depending on all other measurable features of a match.
  • Trustworthiness/Credibility – Look out for complaints from other user reviews including poor customer support.

Tips & Strategies for Esports Betting

You’re on the right path is you know how to bet on esports. But, if you know how to make money from esports betting, then you’re on another level. Besides investing a lot of time, effort, and patience, there’s a lot more that you’ll need to know in order to win over the sportsbooks.

Now, the tips for winning while betting on esports are pretty much the same as those of traditional betting. However, if you’re up for the challenge, then you’ll be sure to read and familiarise yourself with the following tips:

  • Calculating odds and knowing the payouts.
  • Research for up to date team information.
  • Working and sticking to a budget.
  • Finding high-value odds.
  • Performance analysis and record keeping.
  • Comparing odds from different bookies.

Final Thoughts

Playing the esports game that you desire to wager on and spending enough time to go through its professional scene will play a huge part in making you good at betting on esports. But, in case you wager on a particular esports and you’re not enthusiastic about it, then you might experience some tough time.

The bottom line of every wager is that you do your research well as opposed to wagering on a game based on it sounding good or offering good stakes.