Amidst the whole pandemic going on, at least, we still have our video games.

The pandemic was almost made for gamers. Most of us already naturally socially distance ourselves. But it’s affecting tournaments and starting to really wear on the emotional health of those who are a bit more social. Heck, those of us who are introverted but gather for things like Comicon, cosplay events, or big gaming tournaments can’t do so.

Here’s one example:

ESL ONE Cologne Pushed Back

We are months deep into the pandemic, and events are still being called off and swapped out to remote formats – or at least, no-audience formats.

The ESL ONE Cologne event was supposed to kick off on July 10th at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne. Thousands of people bought tickets to watch the event live … but there seems to be no end in sight to the congregation limitations. So, the event has been moved back to August 21st and will just be broadcasted with no extra people in attendance. 

Did you buy a ticket?

If so, it kind of sucks, but it’s not the end of the world. You’ll be able to attend the 2021 iteration with your 2020 tickets. And if you haven’t bought tickets to the 2021 event, you can get a basic, three-day access ticket for just 69 euros! Not bad. If you’re in the Americas, it’s just a puddle jump on your favorite airline and you’re in! 

BLAST Premier Americas Finals Underway

It’s down to Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses for the BLAST Premier Final in North America. The winner will receive $335,000 in cash prizes and 2,400 points. That’s a lot of points and a lot of money. Still, the loser of the Finals doesn’t walk away empty-handed. They still earn $66K and 1,200 points. 

But who will win on Wednesday, June 17th? 

Well, using a handicapping site like SBR’s betting odds to track betting sentiment it would seem that Team Liquid is the team to beat. They are -190 favorites to win the Finals. Those numbers show risk versus reward in the betting world and imply a certain level of probability. At -190, You would have to risk $190 to win $100. Evil Geniuses are +154, meaning you risk $100 for the chance to win $154. So, Liquid are clear favorites in this match.

From the lower bracket, we have MIBR vs. FURIA. FURIA is a massive -261 favorite to win their bracket and move on to face either Team Liquid or Evil Geniuses. They are heavily favored on all three maps. Whereas Team Liquid is favored on Map 1 by a big number, but barely the favorite on Map 2 and just moderate favorite on Map 3. 

Team Liquid is the World No. 6 team, and Evil Geniuses is No. 8. So, the upper bracket is definitely stronger. MIBR is ranked No. 15. Furia is down the rankings a bit, nonetheless, they are favored over MIBR at the moment. But can either of those teams beat Liquid or Evil Geniuses? It’s tough to say. No pro team is truly out of the picture, especially given the inherent difficulties with CS: GO.

By the looks of it, MIBR and Liquid have the most to gain by winning the tournament – other than money. MIBR has 2338 points so a win would catapult them into the top three. Same thing with Liquid who are in 4th. They would jump Fnatic and land at the No. 2 spot in the Blast Premier circuit.

We’ll have to tune in on Wednesday for the semi-finals and see who will be going to the final round after, and then who’ll be shooting it out for those 3rd place points. Could really use the 2400 to try and get up near the top five. 

This is going to be exciting.

























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