There’s a lot of great esports action happening in the next seven days from the League of Legends North American and European Championship semifinals to the return of the HGC. Below is the streaming schedule for League of Legends, StarCraft II, Heroes of the Storm, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

All times are PST.

League of Legends


North America and Europe Championship Series (Semifinals)

Where to watch:

Saturday 4/15

  • 8:00am: (EU) G2 Esports vs Fnatic
  • 12:00pm: (NA) Cloud9 vs Phoenix1

Sunday 4/16

  • 8:00am: (EU) Unicorns of Love vs Misfits
  • 12:00pm: (NA) Team SoloMid vs FlyQuest

StarCraft II


Korean StarCraft II StarLeague (SSL) Season 1 – Challenge

Where to watch:

Saturday 4/15

  • 6:00am: Day 3 Matches
    • Ryung vs Classic
    • jjakji vs Dear
    • Losira vs Bunny
    • GuMiho vs ByuN

Korean StarCraft II StarLeague (SSL) Season 1 – Premiere

Where to watch:

Monday 4/17

  • 3:00am: Day 5 Matches
    • INnoVation vs Patience
    • sOs vs aLive
    • Zest vs Stats
    • ByuL vs Dark
    • Solar vs Maru

WCS Korea Global StarCraft League (GSL) – Round of 32

Where to watch:

Wednesday 4/19

  • 2:30am: Group A (sOs, Impact, Losira, INnoVation)

Heroes of the Storm


Heroes Global Circuit (HGC) Week 6

Where to watch:

Friday 4/14

  • Korea
    • 2:00am: Tempest vs MVP Black
    • 4:00am: Team BlossoM vs MVP Miracle
  • Europe
    • 9:00am: Fnatic vs Team expert
    • 11:30am: Team Liquid vs Tricked eSports
  • North America
    • 2:00pm: Gale Force eSports vs Team 8
    • 4:30pm: Team Naventic vs B-Step

Saturday 4/15

  • Korea
    • 2:00am: Raven vs GG
    • 4:00am: Mighty vs L5
  • Europe
    • 9:00am: Synergy vs beGenius
    • 11:30am: Playing Ducks vs Team Dignitas
  • North America
    • 2:00pm: Team Freedom vs Superstars
    • 4:30pm: No Tomorrow vs Tempo Storm

Sunday 4/16

  • Korea
    • 2:00am: GG vs L5
    • 4:00am: Team BlossoM vs Tempest
  • Europe
    • 9:00am: Playing Ducks vs Team Liquid
    • 11:30am: EXP vs Team Dignitas
  • North America
    • 2:00pm: No Tomorrow vs Team Naventic
    • 4:30pm: Team 8 vs Tempo Storm

Counter Strike: Global Offensive


ESL Pro League (EPL)

Where to watch:

Tuesday 4/18

  • Europe
    • 10:00am: FaZe Clan vs mousesports
    • 11:10am: mousesports vs FaZe Clan
    • 12:10pm: Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Astralis
    • 1:30pm: Astralis vs Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • North America
    • 5:00pm: Misfits vs Winterfox
    • 6:10pm: Winterfox vs Misfits
    • 7:20pm: Immortals vs compLexity Gaming
    • 8:30pm: complexity Gaming vs Immortals

Wednesday 4/19

  • Europe
    • 10:00am: Natus Vincere vs G2 Esports
    • 11:10am: G2 Esports vs Natus Vincere
    • 12:20pm:pro vs Heroic
    • 1:30pm: Heroic vs
  • North America
    • 5:00pm: NRG Esports vs Rush
    • 6:10pm: Rush vs NRG Esports
    • 7:20pm: compLexity Gaming vs Counter Logic Gaming
    • 8:30pm: Counter Logic Gaming vs compLexity Gaming

Thursday 4/20

  • Europe
    • 10:00am: Team LDLC vs Natus Vincere
    • 11:10am: Natus Vincere vs Team LDLC
    • 12:20pm: Team Kinguin vs North
    • 1:30pm: North vs Team Kinguin
  • North America
    • 5:00pm: Counter Logic Gaming vs Renegades
    • 6:10pm: Renegades vs Counter Logic Gaming
    • 7:20pm: NRG Esports vs Misfits
    • 8:30pm: Misfits vs NRG Esports
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