The fine folks at Argyx Games sent me a few puzzles to try out from their new escape game, Apocalypse, currently available via a Kickstarter campaign. I’ve experienced several in-person escape rooms before and have tried out both the Unlock (Asmodee) and Exit (Kosmos) series of escape room games as well. I enjoy the full immersion of the in-person games, but I also enjoy the lower price and mobility of the boxed games as well. Apocalypse seems to provide a unique balance of both.

The package I received contained actual items, like a tape measure and a box of matches, which helped to provide the immersion of a real escape room that a box game just cannot provide. They also made good use of a YouTube video to help me along. The puzzles were difficult but fair and definitely had a creepy vibe that you’d expect from a game whose set up states: “The time is at hand” (Revelation, 1:3). You receive a box sent by a serial killer called Abaddon, the Angel of Death from the Bible. Inside the box, several clues: The Book of Revelation, a personal diary, and various objects and documents will set you on the track of the fanatic killer. Will you find the fifth victim in time?

As the package I received demonstrated, and according to the folks at Argyx, Apocalypse is handmade – each box will be assembled, customized and inspected manually. The full game should take from 2 to 4 hours to solve, which should provide a longer experience than a normal escape room time of 60 minutes. According to Argyx, you’ll be able to download and reprint the documents that might get damaged during the game, as well as the instructions to reset the box, allowing you to give it to a friend or host another group as game master.

All in all, I was impressed by what I saw from Apocalypse. If you are a fan of escape rooms or have been thinking about trying one out, give Apocalypse a look.


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