I think I speak for almost all geeky gamers out there when I say that I am tired of getting gift cards for the holidays. I normally end up with more gift cards than actual gifts by the end and it’s a bit disheartening. We want to enjoy opening gifts, too, you know? I wouldn’t suggest buying a gamer a video game unless one of two conditions are met: 1) they asked for a specific game or 2) you are getting them a game that you love and want them to enjoy. Picking a random game off the shelf because it looks cool is similar to buying a bookworm a random western novel because it looks cool even though they are a science fiction fan. I’ve come up with a wish list of some things that I, as a geeky gamer, would love to get!

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Vinyl Record Wall Clocks

These walls clocks are just what a geeky gamer would need to dress up their game room or in my case, my office. They come in different designs and span several different games. If you look hard enough, you can even find shops that will personalize the clocks for you, adding an extra flair to your gift.

Funko Pop!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have seen this adorable little figurines on almost every store shelf from Hot Topic to Walgreens. Funko Pops span several different pop culture categories with video games being one of the largest ones! What makes these little guys even more impressive is just how inexpensive they are—most sit right around $10. 

Silicone Controller Covers

Remember when you were a child and you fought over whose controller is whose? Well, let me just say that this fight never ends. What is so great about these silicone controller covers is they are inexpensive and come in tons of different prints. Not only will your gamer’s controller look cool, they help reduce the wear and tear on the controller itself.

Visual Art Books

One thing that really helps bring video games to life is the graphics. It can be such a breathtaking experience when you log into a game for the first time and you’re surrounded by such an amazingly sculpted world. One of my favorite things to do is get these art books and relive all the magic. There is pretty much one for every game out there. Some just provide images while others give information about things in the game as well.


Now, we cannot forget our geeky gamers that play tabletop games. I have lost countless dice while moving from place to place, misplacing them, or being really angry at them (we’ve all had that one time when we just needed a good roll). These little guys come in all different colors and designs and make awesome little gifts or stocking stuffers for your D&D player.

Wall Art

Another great item to decorate a game room or office with is awesome game art. This one even has a bit of a twist by mixing it with a Starry Night look. You can pick art from their favorite game or even follow more of a theme. I definitely plan on picking some up to add to my office this year!


Plushies have really taken over in the last couple of years. I mean who wouldn’t want a pint size squishy stuffed animal designed to be there favorite character? What makes them even better is that they’re for pretty much any age!

Ugly Sweater

What makes the holidays great? Ugly sweaters. What makes ugly sweaters great? A geeky game design. Now, I do love my Batman ugly sweaters, but I find that this video game sweater is one I just need to wear all year!

Remember: no matter what you decide to get your geeky gamer, do it out of love. Take the time to figure out what they really love and find the gift that will really wow them. If you don’t have a geeky gamer to buy for you can always buy for me! Just kidding! Enjoy your holidays and I hope you get everything you want this year!!

Julia Roth
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Julia Roth

Games in any form, table top or video, have been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. They really shaped the way I grew up, making it a no brainer to go back to school for Game Design. When I'm not working on school projects you can find me gaming!
Julia Roth
Catch Me