In episode 55 of Kneel Before Aud, I chat with the loveliest of persons, actor Tamsen McDonough. For the last three seasons of the hit Syfy show Killjoys, Tamsen has voiced Lucy, the lovable and loyal A.I of the space ship that carries Dutch, D’avin and John on their adventures throughout the Quad. Lucy has grown in such popularity that she is often referred to as the fourth Killjoy by fans.

When I reached out to Tamsen for this interview, she suggested we do the interview on ‘National I Love Lucy Day’ and that’s exactly what we did. We, of course, talk quite a bit about Killjoys and how Tamsen developed Lucy’s character. We also talk about her winding path to becoming a writer and actor. The interview was so fun and breezy that I’m sure you’ll feel like you’re sitting right next to us while listening!

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Audrey Kearns