In episode 53 of Kneel Before Aud, I chat with prolific television, film and commercial director Robert Lieberman. To date, He’s won 29 CLIO awards and 2 DGA awards and that doesn’t include the many other nominations and his many other awards! He directed many genre movies and series including The X-Files, Earthsea, The Dead Zone, Haven, Lost Girl and Falling Skies. Recently Robert was nominated for Best Director in a Dramatic Series by the Directors Guild of Canada for his work on the hit Syfy series The Expanse.

We talk about Lieberman’s nerdy origins in Buffalo, New York, his journey into the arts and of course, The Expanse. Some of my favorite parts of this episode are when we talk about world building, I’m such a geek for thoughtful and well executed world building so it was a joy to hear him talk about that especially in reference to Ursula K La Guin’s Earthsea and also The Expanse. As it turns out, in the latter, he’s had a enormous influence on how we, as viewers, see the world of the series. There’s also the most amazing anecdote about Jared Harris and Thomas Jane working together on the show. You will absolutely love it.

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Audrey Kearns