Craig Kyle talks about creating X-23 / Laura Kinney, working on the MCU’s Thor films, his creative process and illustrious comics career

In episode 48 of Kneel Before AudI sit down with the talented Craig Kyle. Most recently, you’ve seen Kyle’s work in the recent blockbuster, Logan. Craig created X-23/Laura Kinney for the X-Men: Evolution animated series years ago, the character then had her own comic and of course, is now kicking ass and melting hearts in Logan. Kyle also worked on the MCU’s Thor movies including Thor: Ragnarok which is due later this year and he was an executive at Marvel.

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We talk about all of these wonderful characters that Kyle had a hand in, but also talk about Kyle’s career, creative process and round out the episode with fan questions.

One of my favorite episodes thus far!

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Audrey Kearns