Tod Fennell chats about his acting career. He also talks about martial arts, getting punched by Matt Frewer and being a space wizard. Okay, not a space wizard but a space fan!

Welcome to episode 45 of Kneel Before Aud! This episode crossed a couple ‘firsts’ off the list. It’s the first episode of the new year and it’s my first phone interview! Is this a big deal? Not really unless you’re as technically inept as I am. But evidently, I plugged things into the right places, pressed the correct buttons because I was able to talk to some one in a different country. Well, Canada.

For as nervous as I was to do an interview where I can’t interact with someone in person, this episode turned out fantastic! I talked with actor Tod Fennell who is currently up in Montreal and we had a great conversation. Tod’s been a actor since he was a wee one and has consistently worked throughout his career. He’s quite the versatile actor with his foot in television and film. He’s also worked in the voice over field for animation and video games including Assassin’s Creed and Tom Clancy’s The Division for which he also did motion capture.

Tod’s also an avid martial arts practitioner and even starred in martial arts film Wushu Warrior with eternal fan favorite Matt Frewer. In fact, he shares a pretty funny story about getting punched in the face by Frewer. And finally we talk about how much we love space. Because space is awesome.

Enjoy episode 45 of Kneel Before Aud with my wonderful guest, Tod Fennell! You can listen clicking the arrow below or on iTunes and Stitcher.

Audrey Kearns