Aaron Abrams chats Hannibal, Closet Monster, being an artist and getting crotch punched by Audrey’s dog. 

In episode 44 of Kneel Before AudI sit down with actor and writer Aaron Abrams. Aaron played Brian Zeller in the cult smash hit television series, Hannibal. Most recently, you’ve seen him in Masters of Sex, Blindspot and in the beautiful, must-see coming of age film, Closet Monster.

Aaron was kind enough to come over to my house and I re-payed him by letting my doggie crotch punch him immediately. We spend some time talking about that AND the fact that Aaron Abrams single-handedly invented fan fiction! We chat about the stunning film  Closet Monster which I urge you all to go see. It’s just wonderful. And, of course, we cover Hannibal. Beautiful, disgusting, unforgettable Hannibal.

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Enjoy episode 44 of Kneel Before Aud with Aaron Abrams!

Audrey Kearns