Best Space Operas with guests Brian D. Bradley Josh Dean and Jenny Flack. 

Welcome to Episode 25 of Booze and Phasers! The Star Trek podcast where Claudia DolphAudrey Kearns and guests drink Genre and talk booze…we mean, we booze Genre and drink phasers… wait a minute, green people, Gorn – ENERGIZE!

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In Episode 25 of Booze and Phasers, Brian Bradley steps in for Claudia Dolph while she’s on vacation. Josh Dean (Con Man, Blindspot, Mass Effect) and Jenny Flack (Geek Girl Authority) join Audrey and Brian to discuss the best, grandest and most epic of space operas. We decide that Star Wars is a given and cover other science fiction works such as Dune, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica and many, many, many more. We guarantee there are a couple we mention that you weren’t aware of. You’re welcome. We wind up episode 25 with a little game called “Pitch your own Space Opera” and the ideas are both hilarious and plausible!

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