LIVE from Dragon Con, Favorite Commanders with guests Brian Bradley, Charles McFall and Joseph Scrimshaw

Welcome to Episode 11 of Booze and Phasers! The Star Trek podcast where Heather BrookerClaudia Dolph and Audrey Kearns drink Trek and talk booze…we mean, we booze Trek and drink phasers… wait a minute, green people, Gorn – ENERGIZE!

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Episode 11 of Booze and Phasers was recorded at the famed Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia. Dragon Con is by far one of our favorite cons and one of the most highly attended in the United States! We had the pleasure of appearing on the podcast track this year and recorded our session live.

Brian Bradley, Joseph Scrimshaw, Charles McFall joined Audrey in imbibing in some whiskey gingers and enjoying a lively, boozey and slightly erotic conversation about the characters who played second fiddle to our captains. We’re talking Spock, Riker, Kira, Chakotay and T’Pol. We discuss which captain/commander combos were the best fit and we also played a little game where we mixed and matched captains with different commanders then discussed how compatible they would be on board a space ship. This somehow ended up with Joseph and Brian role playing Janeway and Riker and we’ll just say there were some fireworks.

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