Classical trombone player Christopher Bill has been creating exquisitely edited videos of trombone players collaborating on pop hits at the annual International Trombone Festival for a while. Honoring the event’s 48th anniversary in 2019, he roped 48 musicians, mostly trombone players, into contributing to a completely charming cover of Daft Punk‘s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.”

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The video escalates from split screens featuring a handful of musicians to a captivating grid of everyone playing in harmony. ITF takes place in July, and it’s 100% believable that it’s taken Bill since then to weave together each of the performances that comprise this gem. 

Watch below, and if you love it check out Christopher Bill’s YouTube channel for previous years’ collaborations and more! Make sure to stay tuned beyond the end of the song for outtakes, if that’s your kind of thing!



Leona Laurie