As March comes to a close and the spring season is fully upon us, we can’t think of any better reason to stay inside and read WEBTOON comics all day. Really, who wants to deal with those seasonal allergies? And what better way to kick off this newfound hobby than to dive into some of our favorite romance series? We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Enjelicious, the creator behind Age Matters and Hello Baby. And these two series are firmly planted into our favorite romance category. Check out everything she had to share about bringing these stories to life and what series she recommends next.

If you haven’t had the chance, we highly suggest checking out Age Matters and Hello Baby! We also recommend keeping up with Enjelicious on her social media platforms! (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)

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Rose talking to Dylan on the phone.

Age Matters WEBTOON Original Series.


Julia Roth: Age Matters is one of our favorite WEBTOON series of all time. What was your inspiration behind the series?

Enjelicious: Thank you! I started Age Matters around 2017, and I noticed that there are a lot of stories that involve pre-teens to late teens stories. I thought having an older cast of characters would be fun mixed with romance-comedy ideas.

JR: Did you have the entire story planned out from the beginning, or did it grow as time passed?

E: I had to change a lot of things to make the story better with the help of my editor. We mixed our ideas, and I think it worked out well. I had the major plot points jotted down, but sometimes I had to change some things depending on my reader’s response.

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JR: Who was your favorite character to bring to life?

E: It has to be Dylan. In the original discover (now canvas) version, he wasn’t included. He was a suggestion from my editor, along with the character Via. I had fun drawing him because I think I incorporated more of my personality into him.

JR: What were your biggest influences when creating Age Matters?

E: I am a big fan of romantic movies and Japanese shoujo mangas. You could say I mixed them both.

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JR: What was your inspiration behind your current WEBTOON series, Hello Baby?

E: Usually, when I’m reading one-night stand trope stories, the guy (father) is usually very rude. That’s why I tried to flip and play around with it. I also wanted to show a healthy parenting style in one of my stories.

Clips from the Hello Baby WEBTOON Series with the male protagonist talking to the media before seeing the female protagonist and then waving at her.

Hello Baby WEBTOON Original Series.

JR: How much of the story do you currently have planned?

E: For Hello Baby, I have the major plot points written down as well, but I noticed that I am changing a lot of things last minute for this one because it’s hard to portray who’s right or wrong in the story. There has to be balance.

JR: Will we see a blend of other genres with romance? Maybe mystery or suspense?

E: If the opportunity arises, I would also like to explore other genres.

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JR: What is your creative process like?

E: I write things that I want and don’t want to happen in a story and then order them according to importance. I start with writing dialogues first before I lay out the draft. I have my work checked by my editor sometimes, especially when I’m unsure about some things, then lastly, the drawing process starts.

JR: What hobbies do you have outside of content creation?

E: I like watching films, playing games and reading light novels.

JR: What are your must-read WEBTOON series?

E: For the current running series, I recommend: The Remarried EmpressMaybe Meant to Be and Eaternal Nocturnal. For the completed series, I recommend: Girls of the Wild’sUnholy BloodFreaking Romance… and Age Matters – haha!

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