Welcome to this week’s installment of Geek Girl Authority Crush of the Week, wherein we spotlight strong women and nonbinary folks who inspire us. This includes fictional characters in geeky media and creators as well. They are a prime example of empowerment and how crucial it is for youth to have said example to follow.

DISCLAIMER: The following contains spoilers from Netflix’s Wednesday. Proceed at your peril. 

Enid Sinclair 

Fast Facts: 

Enid Sinclair unleashes her brightly colored claws while looking focused in the show Wednesday on Netflix.

Pictured: Emma Myers as Enid Sinclair in WEDNESDAY

Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers) grew up in San Francisco, California, with her unruly older werewolf brothers and her parents. Admittedly, not much is known about her formative years. She’s a werewolf like her familial pack, but she’s a late bloomer in “wolfing out.” At the start of the season, Enid can only unsheathe her claws. 

Enid attends Nevermore Academy, where she becomes the school’s resident gossip queen. She meets Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) in the series’ first episode after learning the latter will be her roommate for the year. Initially, Wednesday finds Enid’s unrelenting positivity and bubbliness to be a turn-off; however, the sullen Addams girl slowly warms to Enid’s charms. 

Enid becomes a bastion of support for Wednesday throughout Season 1. She also bonds with Thing, Wednesday’s companion. Enid develops a crush on Ajax (Georgie Farmer), a gorgon at Nevermore. After connecting during Outreach Day, Enid works up the courage to ask Ajax out on a date. Unfortunately, he turns himself into stone after a towel inadvertently slips off his mirror. Enid believes he stands her up on their date, though. 

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Going Deeper Into the Mystery

After the disastrous prank pulled by the “normies” at the Rave’N dance, Enid learns the truth regarding Ajax’s perceived snub. The pair kiss and embark on a romantic journey. Eventually, Enid accompanies Wednesday and Tyler (Hunter Doohan) to a dilapidated mansion once owned by the Gates family in Jericho. While there, Enid and Wednesday encounter the Hyde monster, a ferocious creature responsible for the string of murders in town. 

Later, Enid severs ties with Wednesday, deciding to move in with Yoko (Naomi J. Ogawa), her vampire friend, for the remainder of the semester. However, her fight with Wednesday is short-lived as the latter is thrown into peril when Marilyn Thornhill (Christina Ricci), a teacher at Nevermore, proves to be the main antagonist of the season. She kidnaps Wednesday and utilizes the Addams girl’s blood to revive Joseph Crackstone, a bigoted pilgrim, so that he can eradicate “outcasts” for good. 

Enid finally transforms into a werewolf in the season finale and battles it out with Tyler, the Hyde monster. Enid kicks Tyler’s ass, emerging from their fight triumphant. After Wednesday, Bianca (Joy Sunday) and Eugene (Moosa Mostafa) destroy the threat to Nevermore, Enid, at long last, embraces her best friend. It’s the hug heard ’round the world. 

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Next, Enid and Wednesday part ways at the end of the season after the school cancels classes for the rest of the semester following Principal Larissa Weems’ (Gwendoline Christie) murder. Enid invites Wednesday to visit her in San Francisco. 

The Real Deal: 

Enid Sinclair stands in front of Wednesday Addams while wearing a pink fuzzy sweater and smiling.

Pictured: Emma Myers as Enid Sinclair and Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in WEDNESDAY

Enid is the real deal. She’s the human personification of sunshine. Even someone like Wednesday, who loathes cheerfulness, finds herself buckling under Enid’s unwavering optimism. She’s incredibly loyal to her loved ones and will gladly fall on her sword for them. Enid stands by Wednesday’s side when most Nevermore students run in the other direction. She fights tooth and nail to protect Wednesday. 

In addition, Enid is courageous, often wearing a brave face and committing herself to action despite her anxiety. Enid displays healthy boundaries during Parents Weekend, effectively putting her condescending mother in her place when she pressures Enid for not having “wolfed out” yet. 

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Enid’s kindness and generosity know no bounds, as does her intellect, specifically her emotional intelligence. When most assumed Wednesday was a stoic loner who didn’t desire companionship, Enid saw a need for it in the deep, innermost parts of her. That charged hug packs quite a punch. Plus, Enid’s brutal battle as a werewolf is the definition of badass. 

Why She Matters: 

Wednesday Addams looks serious while standing next to a grinning Enid Sinclair at Nevermore Academy.

Pictured: Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams and Emma Myers as Enid Sinclair in WEDNESDAY

Enid is inspirational to young people everywhere who are struggling with their identities. She doesn’t let her tribulations dim her inner light or shake her resolve. Instead, she embraces who she is and finds people who love her unconditionally. It makes her first werewolf transformation all the more glorious. She’s kindness and strength wrapped in one perky werewolf.

Side note: Is it just me, or did the “wolfing out” bit feel like a metaphor for coming out of the closet? Some folks ship Wednesday and Enid. Admittedly, I wouldn’t be mad if this pairing came to fruition in Season 2. Wednesday easily boasts more chemistry with Enid than her two supposed love interests. 

So, be like Enid. Be walking, talking sunshine. Never shy away from supporting the resident weirdo. Don’t allow others to dim your light. Set healthy boundaries. Find your Wednesday, and don’t let them go. Oh, and don’t be afraid to rip a Hyde monster to shreds with your beautifully multicolored claws.

Geek Girl Authority Crush of the Week: WEDNESDAY ADDAMS

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