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Marvel released this teaser today, saying that it is the last teaser they are releasing after a full fortnight of teasing us!


The End?

Marvel. Say it isn’t so! Please don’t go away! You have so much to live for!

For a few years now, it seems, Marvel has been building to a sort of company wide reboot, taking all the best elements of their alternate universes, like the Ultimate Universe (the 1610 Universe), and combining them all into the mainline continuity of what they call their 616 Universe.

Of note, this story comes out in SPRING 2015, while everything else comes out in Summer of 2015.

Want my guess? Well, Hickman’s “Time Runs Out” should be ending right around that time. My guess is that his epic arc about the Universe Inversions will come to a close with the 1610 Universe (Ultimates) colliding with the Mainline Universe (616) and it will all blow up in to a lot of alternate universe titles (ALL of the other titles, see them below) that THEN feeds into Secret Wars.

But, that’s just my educated guess.

marvel-future-imperfect-7715d x-men-92-2015-111296-f7c09 Ultimate-Universe-The-End-2015-teaser-069af Avengers-vs-X-Men-2015-0d143 Age-of-Apocalypse-2015-6f806 inhumansattilanrising-b88a5 Amazing-Spider-Man-Renew-Your-Vows-2015-a906c House-of-M-2015-c9bb9 Armor-Wars-2015-13afc Infinity-Gauntlet-2015-38758 Old-Man-logan-78523 Years-of-Future-Past-2015-5461e Civil-War-2015-a2b41 teaser2-e5844 planethulk-78646

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