The untitled Han Solo film has been cranking out scene after scene after scene since Ron Howard‘s takeover. And thankfully, Howard has been giving us glimpses into the film. They are the smallest of glimpses, but glimpses none the less. This time, he tells us the Empire will be looming in the background of the film.

In a new set photo, Howard shows us a helmet on top of a station. The helmet is recognizable as a Death Star trooper helmet. They were the Imperial Navy, as it were, who piloted the first and second Death Stars. From the original films, they just sat and poked buttons while the stormtroopers fought off invaders. But it looks like they will be in action as what’s seemingly a baton-like weapon placed with the helmet. Is Han Solo going to fight them?

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Now, if I may, I would like us all to put on our speculation hats. One of the origins of Han Solo is that he was working with the Empire before saving Chewie and escaping, becoming a smuggler instead. Now that we know he won’t exactly be a loyal solider disenfranchised, they may still be able to work a tweaked version of this origin into the film. He may pose as a worker on the Death Star, come across Chewie and the two of them escape together and become lifelong friends. Again, this is all speculation. Either way, I’m excited to see the role of the Empire in the film.

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Erin Lynch