With every great Disney movie comes loads of merchandise and the upcoming live action version of Beauty and the Beast is no different. We still have a couple of months to go before the big premiere but in anticipation of the release, Disney has come out with several toys based on the characters in their new film. While the animated character version of similar toys have been around for years, the newer incarnations of say, Funko Pop dolls, have been heavily influenced by the most updated interpretation. So, something like this:


There are obvious differences, of course, but the essence of the character stays the same.

Unfortunately, one of the most recent dolls to be released based on the film’s star, Emma Watson, has no real essence of Watson’s character. You might even say it’s new and a bit alarming. After the doll was found for sale at a JCPenney, fans began posting pictures of the shocking rendition. The face is long, covered in freckles and seems to have what I can only assume is a receding hairline. Lots of internet users began to compare the doll to other famous celebrities like Jennifer Garner and even President Obama, but the most popular comparison has been to Justin Bieber.


I’d say it looks like the result of one of those weird programs where you can upload pictures to see what your future kids will look like but they really come out all jacked up and scary looking. Yeah, like that.

Some even took to Twitter to poke fun at the new design…

and ponder as to why this character doll is the ugliest looking one.

Regardless of what they were going for, I think it’s safe to say that the creators of this one totally missed the mark. Poor Emma Watson is now immortalized as a creepy, Bieber/Belle hybrid forever. Kind of makes me wonder if this oddity won’t become some strange collector’s item that could actually be worth something one day. Perhaps that would help redeem the poor guy who made the thing. As another Twitter user observed:

At least we know the movie will be beautiful from the promos we’ve seen so far. Let’s just hope this Belle doll guy stays away from it.