Émilie Macas knows the path to healing is anything but linear. The renowned Reiki teacher and Chopra Meditation educator’s healing has whisked her away on an intense yet uplifting journey. Now, Émilie shares her naked truth in her captivating memoir, The Naked Truth of a Healer: The Path to My Authentic Self. Holding nothing back, Émilie discloses her darkest moments while providing inspiration and encouragement to urge readers that healing is possible. 

I had the privilege of chatting with Émilie about the writing process, what readers can expect, her advice for healing from trauma and grief, her favorite self-care routine and more. 

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This interview is condensed for length and clarity. 

Melody McCune: We at GGA love a good origin story. What’s Émilie Macas’s story?

Émilie Macas: I was born and raised in a southeast city in France. I was born in a challenging household where my father was emotionally and physically abusive. It has been a journey of unpacking trauma and healing.

MM: Let’s dive into your book, The Naked Truth of a Healer: The Path to My Authentic Self. Can you tell me what it’s about and what inspired you to write it?

EM: I believe this book was written in my soul because I envisioned it at seven years old. I told my grade one teacher that I would write a book about my life one day. So, this book has two parts; it is a memoir slash self-help. Part one is my story — the moments that impacted my life.

Then, part two of the book is a deep reflection on this healing journey, but through the lens of a holistic professional because I am a Reiki teacher and Chopra meditation educator. I have a certification in hypnosis and trauma counseling. 

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MM: What can readers expect from your book?

EM: Going by the readers, part one is intense. I tried to give [lots of] details, so you travel with me. You know where I’m at; you know what I’m feeling at that moment. 

You’re going to travel with me in the darkest moments of my life, but then it comes full circle in part two because I’m explaining the whys and hows. My goal is to uplift and inspire people. I’m still on this healing journey, but it’s the ability we all have within ourselves. 

The cover of Emilie Macas's book, "The Naked Truth of a Healer: The Path to My Authentic Self."

The Naked Truth of a Healer: The Path to My Authentic Self

MM: What was the creative process like for you?

EM: It was hard. First of all, English is my third language. I always said one day I would write a book but in French. I was eloquent in French. I was an avid reader at a young age and expressed myself well. So, I always thought it would be French. 

I started four years ago, and it was like, on and off, and I was battling with that. How can I write this? Two years ago, I was lucky to land an intense writing class with Neil Strauss. And that was it.

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I needed to unpack many things, and part of that was self-doubt. I learned self-discipline, which is a form of self-love. No one can share your story better than you, and you’re enough. You can start with being who you are. It was pretty challenging, but I did it.

MM: Can you tease a favorite excerpt from your book?

EM: I have so many. I’m going to say, “You can heal your wounds and become the best version of yourself. You are the secret you need in your life story.”

MM: Oh, I like that. What do you hope readers take away from this book?

EM: We are not our conditioning, and we are not the projection of others. We all have a story, some challenging and complex stories, but we can change the narrative of that story. Who we are is beyond all these rules, barriers and conditioning. We are beings of infinite possibilities. Healing is within ourselves. The answers are within ourselves. When we can unpack this, we access ourselves — our true essence.

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I didn’t hold back. I’m sharing every dark moment and then explaining the healing journey. I’m hoping people will feel inspired. There is always an emotional connection when we share our stories.

I’m hoping people can get in touch with that and believe, “Hey, I can heal myself. It’s within me. I may have a difficult life, but I can change the narrative of my story because I am the superhero in my life.”

MM: How has what you experienced influenced your career as a Reiki teacher and Chopra Meditation educator?

EM: You can’t teach what you didn’t learn. For me, in Reiki, it’s not a modality. It’s a way of living. It’s a daily practice of self-development. There is no boot camp for enlightenment — the journey is, right? So, for me, getting in touch with the healer within inspired me to share the gift of Reiki because everybody can get in touch with that. Everybody can meditate.

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For the longest time, I thought I sucked at meditation because sometimes meditation is explained as you have to “clear your mind.” Well, now meditation is not about that. Of course, my journey inspired me to share with others because I believe we must get in touch with our true selves.

Photo of Reiki teacher and author Emilie Macas, posing in a gray suit with her hand under her chin.

Pictured: Émilie Macas

MM: Do you have advice for people trying to work through their trauma and grief?

EM: Be gentle with yourselves because it’s not linear. When you look at things on social media, it seems super easy. Healing is not easy. There is no pace; there is no race. 

It’s necessary to ask for external help at times. People can share their experiences or advice, but our journey is unique. My journey is unique. Yours is unique because you are a unique expression of consciousness.

It’s not, “Oh, I have to be this way because this person is telling me that.” No, no, no. It is what works for you. Your healing journey will be different than others, and that’s okay. Surround yourself with people that uplift you, that help you by not giving you the answers but helping you find the answer within yourself. It’s the most beautiful journey because you experience freedom.

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MM: What’s your favorite self-care routine?

EM: Meditation is number one. Even if it’s five minutes, you don’t need to meditate for hours. It’s not about becoming a monk—five minutes in silence and breathing. Breathing has been essential for me, and I do self-Reiki every day. Since the book, I’ve been cautious regarding what I ingest during the day.

I’ve created good boundaries. I’m very good at isolating myself and protecting my energy. That is also important. Be aware of what you’re ingesting during the day.

MM: What else is on the horizon for you?

EM: There are projects that I put aside for the book and programs I want to create for children. I believe we can teach children and give them resources to tap into their inner wisdom and intelligence. But right now, my focus is on spreading the message of this book because it’s something I envisioned for so long. I believe there are many timely things I talk about in the book. It’s about giving this book all the opportunities to go far and wide.

MM: Thank you so much for chatting with me today, Émilie! Congratulations on your book!

EM: Thank you, Melody!

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You can follow Émilie Macas on Instagram (@emilie_macas). Go here to learn more about where you can purchase The Naked Truth of a Healer: The Path to My Authentic Self.

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