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Greetings, Citizens of Emerald City! Let us convene for one last hurrah, one last tango, one last huzzah, if you will. Emerald City went out with a bang for its season finale. People died! People lived (quite a few, actually)! Well, Ozians, shall we dance? Once more into the fray! Please don’t bump into any spoilers, they don’t like that.

We open with the creepy flayed skin man Roquat (Julian Bleach) meandering about the Prison of the Abject after knocking Ojo (Olafur Darri Olafsson) unconscious. Nahara (Mia Mountain) is pleading with Roquat to save Ojo, but the latter ignores her in favor of skulking about. Roquat spots literal human skin dangling from a tree branch. He slips into it like a damn suit. Hmm. I still have no idea who this mystery man is.

Later, a mechanical flying monkey is zooming into Emerald City. Eamonn (Mido Hamada) is awaiting its return at the Wizard’s castle, where he is acting ruler of the city in the former’s stead. The Wizard’s Head Guard views footage captured from the mechanical monkey of Tip’s witch army marching into Emerald City. He orders his guards to prepare to fight the witches even though the Wizard took all of his soldiers with him. Suddenly, a slew of mechanical monkeys fly skyward to form a message for the residents of Emerald City. “Ozma” is emblazoned across the sky. Right on cue, the side of a building explodes, revealing the encroaching witch army in all their glory. Tip (Jordan Loughran) and West (Ana Ularu) lead the pack. What an entrance!

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Meanwhile, the citizens of Emerald City step aside when they see Tip. West tells the Princess her reputation precedes her. The Cardinal Witch of the West spots a guard and demands to know where the Wizard is. He tells her the Wizard took his army to Ev. She chokes him with every intention of ending his life. Tip attempts to pacify her, saying this is not her way of doing things. West relents, which grants the soldier a moment to collect himself and launch an attack against the witch. She snaps his neck without a thought. West tells Tip fear rules people, not Kings or Queens. Lesson learned here. Don’t mess with West!


Later, we see the Wizard (Vincent D’Onofrio) riding toward his camp in a field, where the stone giant also happens to be. He runs into Dorothy (Adria Arjona). Our Kansas girl reveals she raised the stone giants with the help of Nahara. She also tells the Wizard she knows Nahara did all the work for him when the Beast Forever was defeated. He, on the other hand, realizes Dorothy did not kill Glinda as promised. Dorothy vows to prevent a war, not snuff out the life of a Cardinal Witch. The Wizard promises to take Dorothy home, as long as she takes the giants north to Glinda. He also reveals his methods for stopping the latter – with the rifles Ev constructed for him. Dorothy emphatically protests, saying Glinda’s Girls are just that- girls.

Meanwhile, Tip and West round up Team Ozma (I might need to invest in shirts with that phrase) and march toward the castle. Eamonn descends the outer staircase to meet them, dressed head to toe in his lion armor. Uh oh. Bad choice, dude. Tip recalls the flashbacks she had of her parents perishing at the hand of the mystery lion soldier, you know, the one standing before her. Eamonn pays no heed to Tip’s noticeable change in behavior and kneels before her. He hands her the crown she was given at birth. Our Princess Ozma asks him why she was spared. Eamonn admits she reminded him of his own daughter. Amid West’s cries of killing him on the spot, Tip decides on another form of punishment. She rounds up Eamonn’s family and erases their memories of him.

Then, as the proverbial cherry on top, she exiles him from the city and strips the soldier of his titles. Eamonn forlornly does the Walk of Shame, something we’ve all experienced from time to time. West beams at her magical protege and hands Tip her crown. She places it on her brow, which launches a sea of bows as everyone surrounding her acknowledges their rightful Queen.

Later, Jack (Gerran Howell) is running toward the Wizard’s camp, hellbent on revenge. Jane (Gina McKee) chases after him. Jack swings his ax at every Wizard’s guard that passes him, just choppin’ away at anybody bearing the sigil of Emerald City. Somebody should have reminded Jack that Halloween was months ago. Jack spots the Wizard and readies his ax, fully prepared to kill him. Jane stops our Tin Man from doing so. The Wizard reveals to Jane that her daughter is here in Oz. Jane hopefully whispers Dorothy’s name. DOROTHY IS HER DAUGHTER? Yay for plot twists! Our Wizard asks the scientist who she thinks fell through the rip in the sky. Had to be her daughter, right? Jane meanders through the field until she finds Dorothy. We see her face light up. Unfortunately, the mother-daughter reunion will have to wait…

Suddenly, a massive horde of bees envelopes the sky, then said swarm nosedives toward everyone in the field. Dorothy recognizes this as an impending sign of witches. Witches be poppin’ up everywhere, y’all. While everyone is getting attacked by killer bees, Dorothy uses her ruby gauntlets to create a clear space around her. Glinda (Joely Richardson) appears, much to Dorothy’s chagrin. What’s more awkward than sharing space with the wife of the man you slept with? Sharing space with the wife of the man you slept with while surrounded by bees. Still, Dorothy attempts to remain civil. She tells the Cardinal Witch of the North that war is not the answer. Dorothy also reveals she raised the stone giants, not the Wizard.

EMERALD CITY -- "No Place Like Home" Episode 110 -- Pictured: Joely Richardson as Glinda -- (Photo by: David Lukacs/NBC)

Glinda brings Sylvie (Rebeka Rea) into the fray. Our little badass witch starts destroying the stone giants. Dorothy attempts to counteract with her own magic. We see the stone giant in Emerald City crumble – it falls forward, piercing the witches’ temple and the sanctuary housing their reliquaries. Glinda reacts in shock to this. The bees disappear to reveal Glinda’s Girls as they flock to her side. Glinda’s Girls would be such a cool ’60’s style female doo-wop band. The Wizard shoots Sylvie and Dorothy rushes to her side. Suddenly, the stone giant behind them also crumbles due to Sylvie’s magic. The giant crashes on the ground, sending debris every which way. Amid dust-choked air, the Wizard demands his guards shoot all of the witches. Seriously, this guy is awful. His soldiers do as they are told. Young girls begin falling left and right.

Meanwhile, Jack fights his way through the fog, ax swinging madly. A group of soldiers catches our Tin Man off guard, sending him to the ground where he’s met with kicks, punches and gun shots. Ouch. Luckily Jack is 85% machinery.

Then, we see Glinda tell Dorothy an “I told you so” of sorts. And since Dorothy is probably like me in that we hate those kinds of people,she marches toward the Wizard, using her gauntlets to knock everyone out of the way. She targets the Wizard, her gun raised at the ruler of Emerald City. Well, now former ruler thanks to Tip. He tells her if she shoots him she will never get home. Suddenly, we see Sylvie wake up and the remainder of the fallen young witches are revived. Glinda stands with all of her girls, reminding the Wizard that only a witch can kill a witch.

Later, we see Roquat sitting in the Prison of the Abject, Netflix and chilling (probably not). Expansive wings now protrude from his back. He is starting to remind me of something…

Meanwhile, Glinda, Dorothy and the Wizard and co. arrive in Emerald City. We see the Wizard is currently without a wig. The parties split as Glinda and her girls head inside the temple. They meet Tip and West. West informs her sister they have taken over Emerald City. She tries to persuade Glinda they are on the same side, as they always have been. Emerald City belongs to Pastoria’s daughter Ozma. Now they can advise his daughter as they once did the King. They bicker over whether magic and reason can coexist in ruling Oz (West) or if magic should reign supreme (Glinda). Ah, sisterly love. Running kingdoms together is just part of the fun! West is so close to reeling Glinda in when a peel of thunder ripples through the sky.

Then we see a broken Jack, body parts strewn about the field, alive but badly damaged. A massive shadow flies over him.

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Later, Dorothy and the Wizard are inside his castle. They are where his vortex manipulator is. The Wizard refuses to send Dorothy home. However, Dorothy will do everything in her power to banish Frank from Oz permanently. She will do this in the hopes of saving it. Our weasel-like Wizard feigns incompetence at operating the vortex manipulator. Dorothy sees right through the act. The Wizard confesses that he has nothing to go home to, and he suspects she doesn’t either. He reveals that Karen Chapman is not Dorothy’s real mother, since they are on an episode of Jerry Springer. While Dorothy is momentarily struck with the impact of this news, the Wizard throws a tantrum, claiming nobody can force him to go back to Kansas. He tries to smash the vortex manipulator to pieces when he is shot.

Suddenly, Jane is in view, raised gun in hand. Dorothy tries to wake the Wizard but he will not budge. Ding Dong the Wizard’s dead! Which old Wizard? The Wicked Wizard! Okay, so it doesn’t flow as nicely. Perhaps he’s alive but unconscious. A girl can dream, I suppose. Anyway, Jane reveals she is indeed her mother, even regaling Dorothy with the story behind her five-point tattoo.

Meanwhile, Eamonn trudges solemnly down the yellow brick road when that massive shadow flies over him. We also see Lucas (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) still hanging like a scarecrow by the farmhouse. I wonder how he’s doing with the bathroom situation. He probably really, really has to go. The shadow also flies over him. I like that we essentially see the Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow get introduced to this mysterious new threat.

Later, Jane revs up the vortex machine. She puts Dorothy in first, vowing to follow her after the initial send off. However, Jane sends Dorothy home alone and does not follow her, saying her first priority is to protect her. Dorothy screams in shock and abandonment as she whirls out of Oz the same way she came – in a funnel cloud.

Meanwhile Tip, West and Glinda stand outside and glimpse the shadow loom large over them. Methinks this is our true Beast Forever. It even has wings!

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Later, Dorothy wakes up in a pile of debris left over from the tornado next to Karen’s trailer. She immediately is reminded of her not-mother and rushes to the cellar. Karen is propped up against the wall, bleeding very heavily but alive, albeit barely. Dorothy’s non-mom is taken to the hospital. Our Kansas girl returns to her aunt and uncle’s house.

We see Dorothy sitting in the kitchen, the rainbow sun catcher hanging in front of her. Again, it’s the little nuggets that I adore. She’s picking at her food, clearly perturbed. Honestly, I would be too, if I just returned from a magical land that I might not see again. She goes outside to chat with her aunt Em (Holly Hayes) for a bit. After not feeling stimulated by the conversation, Dorothy takes a stroll in her family’s field. She spots a dog that is very similar in appearance to Toto, but upon closer inspection she discovers it’s not her furry companion. She loves on the dog regardless, because dog.

Lucas appears behind her. Dorothy is taken aback and also on her guard since, you know, the guy she slept with also tried to murder her. Lucas reveals that Jane sent him. The scientist has been imprisoned by the Beast Forever and only Dorothy can stop it. Dorothy loves to save people and especially since her mother is involved the stakes are higher.

“Have you come to take me back?” she asks Lucas. “I’ve come to take you home,” Lucas replies.

And end scene! What a marvelous way to tie up a marvelous season. I love all the subtle nods to The Wizard of Oz and the creative spins on its central characters. Of course, I adore all the magic. Who wouldn’t? West was one of the standout characters to me, with Ana Ularu always knocking her performances out of the park. I never expected to favor the Wicked Witch of the West over Glinda the Good Witch. Joely Richardson also portrayed Glinda’s stoicism to perfection. My hopes for next season: We meet Mother South, perhaps bring East back to life somehow. Dorothy really taps into her magic. Langwidere comes back, so her and Jack can live happily in mutually mechanical love. We continue to explore the different terrains of Oz. I would love a crossover with Gregory Maguire’s The Wicked Years book series of some kind.


Well, I guess it’s time to cast a prayer heavenward to the NBC gods of show renewals. Here’s hoping for a second season! You can catch up on all my recaps of Emerald City right here on Geek Girl Authority.



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