EMERALD CITY -- "Lions In Winter" Episode 108 -- Pictured: Adria Arjona as Dorothy -- (Photo by: David Lukacs/NBC)

Hello hello, citizens of Oz! Emerald City is back with another whopper of an episode. “Lions in Winter” shifts focus from Emerald City to the North where our Dorothy is being held captive. We also delve into the connection between Glinda and Lucas, which does not garner points for Team Dorothy. Tip really takes the spotlight as we see her and West embark on a quest of self-discovery. Girl power! Let’s get to it. Glinda really loves spoilers, so please be wary of them.

We open with the Wizard of Oz (Vincent D’Onofrio) and his Head Guard Eamonn (Mido Hamada) riding and talking through Emerald City. Our Wizard asks Eamonn to stay behind and protect the city while he rides on to Ev for his weapons. North will be his final destination as he takes said weaponry to meet Glinda in a magical showdown only Oz can produce. “You’ll look after Emerald City. There’s no one better than you,” the Wizard says, ever the sweet talker. He also reveals to Eamonn there will be no battle, as he plans to simply “bury Glinda and her pathetic witchlings.” The Wizard and his troops leave Emerald City with much fanfare.

Meanwhile, West (Ana Ularu) and Tip (Jordan Loughran) are still in that field. West is questioning Tip about the dagger that used to belong to Princess Ozma. The Cardinal Witch of the West puts her Nancy Drew sleuthing skills to the test and the puzzle pieces fall into place. After revealing the tragic tale of the last King of Emerald City (the Wizard killed him), she comes to the conclusion that Tip is Princess Ozma. They would not only be the same age, but it would explain how Tip came about that dagger. “You don’t know what you are,” West says in response to Tip’s protests. “Everyone keeps telling me who and what I am. When do I get to decide?” Tip asks, ever the existentialist. “We were born for great things, you and I. We were born to fly,” West responds cryptically, literally flying them away.

Later, we see Dorothy (Adria Arjona) is under lock and key in Glinda’s castle. Fortunately she has a cell mate named Noa (Jennifer Saayeng), who is very pregnant. Noa explains that she was imprisoned for breaking her oath of chastity as a Glinda’s Girl (my unofficial official term for Glinda’s witches). Dorothy simply hopes to escape with Sylvie. “Given your crime I doubt she’ll (Sylvie) get a vote,” Noa says. After Dorothy inquires of her own crime, Noa reveals this: “Kidnapping Glinda’s husband.” Uh oh. Well, damn.

EMERALD CITY -- "Lions In Winter" Episode 108 -- Pictured: (l-r) Oliver Jackson Cohen as Lucas/Roan, Joely Richardson as Glinda -- (Photo by: David Lukacs/NBC)

Meanwhile, Lucas (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) and Glinda (Joely Richardson) are canoodling after presumably several months of non-canoodling. Glinda notices a change in her man – he seems more estranged than ever. “Perhaps the magic worked too well,” she muses. “I’m here, aren’t I?” Lucas responds, attempting to quell her fears. “I can’t be held responsible for my actions if I was not myself,” he adds, defending himself. Hmm. I could go on about how this is debatable, but another topic, another day. “Then don’t come back until you are,” Glinda demands after she slinks out of her dress and it’s clear they are going to have sex.

Later, back in the cell, Dorothy asks Noa who the father is. The latter reveals the father was one of the Wizard’s men who had him killed. Noa tells Dorothy that instead of fearing the wrath of natural elements, citizens of Emerald City and beyond should fear the Wizard. “He’s the true Beast Forever,” she says. Lucas barges in unannounced (rude) and we begin to see the conflict our Scarecrow is experiencing. Sneaking off to visit Dorothy, anyone? “You have to convince Glinda that you mean her no harm,” he tells Dorothy. Our girl from Kansas refuses, as that would be a lie. Dorothy tells him she understands his confusion. “I’ve been confused too ever since I came to Oz,” she admits. “Don’t you remember anything that happened between us?” she inquires. Lucas admits that he does; however, Glinda is his wife. He leaves.

During this exchange, we see Glinda and Lucas are going at it. She is visibly enjoying the act, while he appears as if the life force was drained out of him.

Later, Glinda is giving little Sylvie (Rebeka Rea) the grand tour of Castle de la Glinda. “We’re going to help you develop your skills,” Glinda coos in the same foreign tongue West used in the previous episode. “Where are Lucas and Dorothy?” Sylvie asks. Glinda purposefully ignores her. She whisks the young witch into a room filled with more young witches like her. Glinda introduces Sylvie as “Leith,” her true name.

Meanwhile Noa goes into labor, which is most unhelpful when you’re in a magical, antiquated city without the benefits of modern medicine. Dorothy, being a nurse by trade, launches into action. Glinda’s servant (Lily Newmark) runs into their cell when she hears Noa’s wailing. She is under the impression Dorothy is hurting Noa, so she shoves her off the pregnant woman. “We have a baby coming, so you can either kill me now or you can go and tell Glinda to bring me some hot water and some towels. Your choice,” Dorothy says vehemently. Yes, girl! Flaunt that medicinal training!

Later, we see Jack (Gerran Howell) is fast asleep in Langwidere’s (Queen Ev’s first name) bed. He is gently woken by the palace servants, who offer him breakfast or a nice hot bath. Well, the bath is out of the question considering his half steampunk body. “But if you’re not hungry and don’t fancy a bath perhaps we could simply oil your odd parts,” the butler proposes, holding an oil can at the ready. Jack looks petrified at the prospect of more lubing.

Meanwhile, West and Tip land inside a dark, enclosed room. “The crypt of our sacred temple. A place not even the Wizard knows about,” West informs Tip when the latter asks of their whereabouts. We see several bottles, “reliquaries,” glowing with a blue light. “When a witch dies, we don’t preserve their body. We preserve their magic,” West adds, explaining the purpose of the reliquaries. Then, West reveals which one is her sister, The Most Stern and Merciful of the Eastern Wood – East. “I want you to drink her,” West says to Tip. The young girl could gain the power she craves. “I’m not drinking a witch’s insides,” Tip protests. She drinks a witch’s insides.

Suddenly, Tip starts vividly hallucinating. We see her as an infant being carted away by her mother, the Queen of Emerald City. Her father, the King, is ahead of them, leading his family to safety in a war torn Emerald City. A soldier approaches them dressed as a lion, with the Wizard himself behind him. Said lion soldier murders Tip’s mother and father at the behest of the Wizard. Tip slips away, appearing to be unconscious. West frantically shakes Tip, realizing she’s dead. West lets out a wail even the dead could hear.

Later, Jack and his new butler friend are going over his exciting itinerary for the day. However, our Tin Man rejects that poppycock nonsense. He has other plans. “I’d prefer to see the Queen,” he says. “I’m afraid that’s not possible, sir. Her Highness is very much occupied,” the butler replies. Jack barges into the throne room, where Queen Ev (Stefanie Martini) is examining the rifles they created for the Wizard. “Jack, you cannot be here. We have plans that must be our own,” the Queen says irritably. Jack leaves in defeat. No lady action today, dude.

EMERALD CITY -- "Lions In Winter" Episode 108 -- Pictured: (l-r) Lana Elizabeth Hobson-Borcván as Laila, Rebeka Rea as Sylive -- (Photo by: David Lukacs/NBC)

Meanwhile, little Sylvie is eating lunch with her newfound witch comrades. She goes to eat what appears to be porridge when the bowl slides away from her. Magical bowl, perhaps? She makes multiple attempts to eat, but the bowl continuously scoots away. The young witches around her burst into laughter. When Sylvie uses her magic to bring the bowl back to her, she turns it into stone. Unfortunately, this only makes the laughter more raucous. This is like a magical Mean Girls where Sylvie is Cady. She might have to eat in the bathrooms if she wants any peace.

Later, in the cell, Glinda arrives to see Noa in labor. “There are no doctors here,” she informs Dorothy. Dorothy admits that while she has a medicinal background, she cannot help a woman give birth by herself. Glinda enlists her servant to help our heroine. Glinda uses a smattering of magic to ease Noa’s pain. Lucas barges in again, alarmed by the incessant wailing. He rushes to help Dorothy usher Noa’s baby into the world. Helping a woman give birth? Just another Saturday in Oz (I actually don’t know what day it is there)! The two lovebirds share a moment, which rubs Glinda the wrong way. She yells at her Roan to leave them.

Meanwhile, back in the crypt, West is chanting a prayer and cradling a dead Tip in her arms. She lays her to rest in a lake that surrounds the witches’ final resting places.

Later, Lucas finds Glinda picking roses in her garden. He insists he is trying to be the person he was before. “That’s what hurts,” Glinda confesses. “My spell didn’t make you a different man. It took your memory, not your heart,” she adds. Lucas admits that while he does love her, they can’t continue to “live like this.” Glinda informs Lucas of the thousands of troops that left Emerald City and are en route for the North. She tells him war is upon them. “Your life or death will depend on which side you choose,” Glinda says.

Back in Ev, Jack visits Jane (Gina McKee). The latter is surprised to hear that Jack is with Queen Ev and not Tip. “Langwidere is so simple. She owns me,” Jack says nonchalantly. Literally owns him. He sees that Jane is packing her things. “I’m closing up shop. My position here has been terminated,” she informs him. Jane informs him that she was fired for refusing to make guns for the Queen. “She knows you saved me. Salvaged me,” he replies. Jack vows to fix her situation.

Meanwhile, Glinda has a task for Dorothy. She takes our Kansas girl to a room full of young witches who’ve “short-circuited,” so to speak. They’ve maxed out their power. “They were pushed beyond their limits, I’m afraid. The tragic consequence to our quest for survival,” Glinda says forlornly. “You did this?” Dorothy asks incredulously. The Cardinal Witch of the North launches into a monologue about how the Wizard is the true enemy. “Science is not magic – we are. We are the magic, and the magic is Oz,” she says. Who knew North was such a poet? Glinda also mentions the Wizard saw that Dorothy had capabilities and Glinda plans to use those to her advantage. She wants Dorothy to nurse these girls back to health. “And you will find a way to save these girls, or you will not find a way to save yourself,” Glinda sneers threateningly.

Later, we see Sylvie having dinner. Once again, her meal decides to scoot in the opposite direction when she attempts to eat. She focuses her energy on retrieving the bowl, and this time the odds are in her favor. Everyone else’s bowls also gravitate toward her. Though she be but little, she is fierce! A rousing chorus of cheers erupts as her fellow witches are impressed with her abilities. Yay for now being the cool girl!

Meanwhile, West pays her sister a visit. Glinda, as usual, is visibly irritated by West’s very appearance. The latter claims she’s changed and forgives Glinda for keeping their mother from her. She begs Glinda to let her see dear Mother South. Glinda refuses, citing that she can’t trust West. “She’s in a safe place far from those who would do her harm, including you,” Glinda says, her words cutting West like a knife.

Later, back in Ev, the Queen enters her suite to find Jack there. She is immediately relieved to see him and initiates conversation. Jack is angry with the Queen, and rightfully so. “How could you be so heartless to Jane?” he asks her. “People serve a purpose, for business and pleasure,” Langwidere responds nonchalantly. “You exist because Jane was paid to rebuild you by me,” she adds. Langwidere also makes it pretty clear she enjoys Jack’s company simply because she owns him. “The only way you can love something is to own it?” Jack asks her. This prompts the Queen to make an unexpected statement. “You’re free. I release my hold on you,” she states. Jack is taken aback by this, but leaves her all the same.

Meanwhile, in the North, Dorothy tries to help the short-circuited witches but is at a loss. Lucas enters the room, cradling another magically depleted witch. He tries to defend Glinda’s logic by saying they have to defeat the Wizard, but Dorothy counters said logic. “Well, this isn’t the way,” she replies, her fury activating her ruby gauntlets. Hmm. Ruby gauntlets…ruby shoes! We’re eight episodes in and I’m just now making that connection. Anyway, Dorothy is struck with an idea. She immediately makes her exit, a woman on a mission, leaving Lucas behind.

EMERALD CITY -- "Lions In Winter" Episode 108 -- Pictured: Adria Arjona as Dorothy -- (Photo by: David Lukacs/NBC)

Dorothy enters Glinda’s bedroom, where the latter is sleeping soundly. She ignites her gauntlets, which pulls the bed sheet over Glinda’s body. Then, the sheet forms a noose around Glinda’s neck and lifts her in the air, very much like a gallows. This is getting very, very dark, folks. Dorothy has a look of pure hatred on her face. Lucas bursts into the bedroom, pleading with Dorothy to stop. “Dorothy, stop! You’ll have to kill me first,” Lucas says. Dorothy does as she’s bid, releasing Glinda from her gauntlet hold. Our Kansas girl flees the scene of the crime. “Why aren’t you going after her?” Glinda screeches hoarsely at Lucas, who seems to have lost all motor functions in that instant.

Meanwhile, Dorothy finds Sylvie in another room with her newfound friends. Dorothy asks Sylvie to come with her, but the little girl refuses. Her witch comrades surround her protectively. Dorothy, realizing this is not a battle she should choose to fight, leaves Sylvie alone.

Later, we see Glinda positively seething after being almost murdered by Dorothy. I guess I would be too. She tells Lucas he would normally kill anyone who tried to harm her on the spot. But, this Lucas is different. “Your spell was worthless. It’s hers I can’t break,” Lucas admits passionately. Glinda pulls out a dagger, conjuring a solution that will appease them both. “Take her life, and your heart will be free,” she promises him. Basically, go kill the girl you might love. This always works out, right?

Speaking of which, we see Dorothy hop on a horse and gallop far, far away from Glinda’s castle.

Later, the Wizard arrives in Ev with only one thing on his mind – guns. “Are my weapons at the ready?” he asks an Ev guard. Judging from the previous scene with Jack and the Queen, they most certainly are.

Meanwhile, back in Emerald City, Eamonn is sitting in his home brooding into a fireplace. Yes, brooding is now a verb. Brooding is actually a popular sport here in Oz. His wife asks him about the impending war, to which he doesn’t verbally respond but instead opens a chest, revealing the same lion armor from Tip’s flashback. Eamonn is the Cowardly Lion!

In the final scene we see West is at her wit’s end. She’s mumbling incoherent statements to herself and frantically pacing back and forth. West is on the verge of tears. She slits her wrists and lays down on top of what appears to be an altar. She is nearing very, very close to unconsciousness when someone appears at her side. “It worked,” Tip says, kneeling down to help West. She’s alive!

EMERALD CITY -- "Lions In Winter" Episode 108 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jordan Loughran as Tip, Ana Ularu as West -- (Photo by: David Lukacs/NBC)

Like I said, whopper of an episode! Will Lucas actually attempt to kill Dorothy? What awesome witchy shenanigans will Tip and West get into? Will Tip take back Emerald City since she’s its rightful heir? When are we going to meet Mother South? So many questions, and only two more episodes to go, y’all!

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