Greetings, citizens of Emerald City! Welcome back for another adventure in Oz. In the fourth installment of Emerald City aptly titled “Science and Magic,” we see worlds colliding. Story lines intertwining. Feats of science and magic (I told you the episode was aptly titled). So let’s get to it! Spoilers to follow, as always.

We open the episode through a mysterious someone’s eyes are they are waking up in what appears to be a lab. Bottles of medicine line the shelves, strange instruments litter every available space. A woman in a face mask peers down at whomever is waking, and says “It’s alright, don’t be frightened.”

Meanwhile, Tip (Jordan Loughran) is walking across a snowy bridge. She lays a small dagger atop the railing, where etched in said railing are the words “Sorry Jack.” Remember what happened at the end of last episode? Yikes. Suddenly, she swings a leg over the ledge and looks prepared to jump into the icy waters below. Thankfully, a guard (not one of the Wizard’s, mind you) coaxes her off the railing and far away from any thoughts of jumping. Tip confesses she is a killer, but “If you let me join your brigade, I’ll kill for you,” she says to him. He asks Tip if she has family, to which she replies she doesn’t. “Maybe I do have a place for you,” the guard says.

Later, Dorothy (Adria Arjona) and Lucas (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) are walking in the woods, still Emerald City bound. “We should be on the yellow brick road,” Dorothy protests. “The Wizard’s guards are on the yellow brick road,” a stubborn Lucas counters. Someone (or something) is watching them from afar. Lucas also believes that maybe the jacket Dorothy found belongs to someone else. Many people have names that start with a “K.” He simply wants Dorothy to go in to meet the Wizard with absolute, irrefutable proof that her mother was here. The conversation evolves into both of them claiming the other saved their lives. This is, of course, perfect dialogue for squeezing in a kiss. Just when Lucas leans in for said kiss, a little girl (Rebeka Rea) sidles up to them. She clutches Lucas like something is chasing her.

Meanwhile, in the city of Nimbo, the Wizard’s guards are tending to the remains of a massacre. The Wizard ordered them to burn Nimbo. They are cleaning up the charred remains of all magic practitioners. That Wizard is a stick in the mud when it comes to magic. A guard approaches the Captain and shows him something strange. A circular, reflecting mirror – almost like a portal. Are we world jumping now? Well, one can dream.

Back in Oz, The Wizard (Vincent D’Onofrio) asks his head High Councilwoman Elizabeth (Roxy Sternberg) if any of his men went inside the mirror portal. She wishes to go to Nimbo herself to investigate, but the Wizard won’t have it. Instead, he releases Anna (Isabel Lucas) from her prison cell and they travel to Nimbo together.

“Can you hear me?” asks the mystery woman in the lab. We see Jack (Gerran Howell) waking up. He is alive! But since this is a genre show, I’m certain there’s a catch. There always is. Mystery woman makes him drink from a sponge she presses against his lips. She goes on to say she fixed him after he fell to his death. Then, she revs up a hacksaw.

Later, we see Tip and her guard friend riding up to a beautiful, snow covered mansion. They enter the foyer inside, where Tip asks “These are your stables?” The guard shoves her hard. Tip turns to protest when a slew of similar-dressed women show up. They will clean her up, properly clothe her. “A clean orphan is a good orphan, right Ma’am?” A woman who is presumably in charge asks someone above. We see it’s North (Joely Richardson), gazing down at the scene below, who answers “Baptize her.” Creepy!

EMERALD CITY -- "Science and Magic" Episode 104 -- Pictured: Joely Richardson as Glinda -- (Photo by: David Lukacs/NBC)

EMERALD CITY — “Science and Magic” Episode 104 — Pictured: Joely Richardson as Glinda — (Photo by: David Lukacs/NBC)


Back in the woods, Dorothy introduces herself to the little girl. Our small friend remains silent, clutching Lucas for all she’s worth. Lucas tries to shake her off, and wants to keep moving. Dorothy doesn’t want to abandon her and vows to take her home.

Meanwhile, we see Jack waking again. “My name is Jane,” mystery woman (Gina McKee) reveals to him. She goes on to say she saved his life. “I think it’s safe to say we made you a new man,” Jane proudly proclaims. We get a full shot of Jack’s body, which is now mostly comprised of metal. TIN MAN! We have the Scarecrow and now the Tin Man. It’s all coming together, folks! Jack, of course, is in complete shock.

Later, we see Lucas and Toto waiting in the forest while Dorothy takes the little girl into the bustling activity of a small village. Dorothy notices the girl has shells inside her ears, akin to hearing aides. She removes one of them. Every sound amplifies in intensity, sounds coming from places we cannot see. The girl covers her ears in panic. Dorothy hastily puts the aide back in, and the brash sounds soften.

Anna and the Wizard are currently on their way to Nimbo in a stylish carriage. Our Great Wizard of Oz admits that Anna was right all along about his ability to raise the stone giants, or lack thereof. Anna says the giants will not kill the Beast Forever, and that it will come from the sky. The Beast will have a brain, a heart and possess a tremendous strength. Could this be Dorothy? Methinks it is. The Wizard starts to despair, thinking the Beast indestructible. “If it has a heart, you can kill it,” Anna encourages him.

Meanwhile, Jack attempts to give his new body a test drive by walking around the lab. “You should have left me in the street,” Jack says. Jane reveals that he was so broken she had to install brand new parts in place of organs. For example, he now has a mechanical heart,  “one that will never break.”

Later, in North’s mansion, we see her speaking to a crowd of orphans. “Today, I offer you a future,” she states heroically. Tip was chosen as one of the girls to be tutored by North. This tutelage will expand to Tip joining the Wizard’s High Council to help protect Oz. A very noble profession. During North’s speech, Tip screams from the hallway that she doesn’t belong there. North sees her putting up a fight and moves to calm her. “I can give you all that you seek,” she promises Tip. And with that grand gesture, West (Ana Ularu) shows up. “This girl looks like trouble, and where I come from, trouble pays,” West says.

Meanwhile in the village, Dorothy asks locals if they know anyone looking for a child. A woman calls out “Sylvie!” and runs toward the little girl. She is accompanied by a man. They claim to be Sylvie’s parents. Dorothy wants to see where Sylvie lives, because her Spidey senses are tingling. While this is happening, Lucas spots the Wizard’s guards in the woods. When they arrive at Sylvie’s home, Dorothy asks to see her room. The parents seem skittish, which is another red flag. The house also appears to be empty. Just when Dorothy protests and moves to grab Sylvie, the door is slammed in her face. Lucas grabs Dorothy and tells her they have to leave.

“We have to go back for her!” Dorothy yells. She breaks away from Lucas’ grip. Lucas notices the guards are now in the village. Dorothy finds a hiding place and procures her gun from her backpack. Lucas joins her once again. “Take off your clothes,” Dorothy demands. “What?” Lucas asks, incredulous. Yeah, Dorothy. Now’s not the time for that.

“This is none of your business,” North says to West. The sisters and Cardinal Witches are fighting over Tip. Both of them make their case to her. “So you’re saying, as a girl, my only choice is a nun or a whore?” Tip asks, unimpressed. Welcome to the unequal gender, my dear. “Did I mention we sleep in?” West hopes this will tip (ha ha) the scales.

Meanwhile, Jack is rolling about in a wheelchair, trying to get used to his brand spanking new body. He takes a nosedive and lands on the floor. While attempting to make his way back to his chair, he spots a masked woman (Stefanie Martini) dressed in ballroom finery. She seems strange to him. Firstly, she won’t help him back in his wheelchair, which is rude. Secondly, she has a vast collection of masks hidden inside the lab. “Who will I be today?” she asks as she peruses them.

Later, the Wizard and Anna arrive in the decimated town of Nimbo. The townsfolk are rightfully angry with the Wizard for burning their homes. Anna goes to the magical mirror pool. See, more Doctor Strange connections! Mirror dimensions and portals. Sigh. I just want Marvel to connect with everything. Anyway, she touches the pool and BOOM! Explosion occurs. Anna is burned in the process and collapses. The mirror pool is gone.

Back in the village in the forest, Dorothy is disguised in Lucas’ clothes. She goes into Sylvie’s house. Dorothy spots Sylvie standing stock still (alliteration for the win) with wide black eyes, breathless and in shock. She is holding the hands of her “parents,” but they are no longer in the land of the living. They are entirely comprised of stone. Dorothy shakes off her initial panic and says “We’re gonna go back to Lucas.” Sylvie calms down at that. However, her hands are stuck, almost encased in the stone. Dorothy whacks at the stone and frees Sylvie’s hands.

Meanwhile, in Nimbo, Anna wakes up and sees the Wizard fretting over her. She finally lays down the law – she chose a life of chastity over pleasure, to save Oz. The Wizard is not thrilled to hear this, but respects her wishes.

Tip is taking a bath in North’s mansion. She subtly checks to see if she’s still female – sure enough, she is. After dunking her head under water, she is taken aback to see another girl in the bath with her. “Don’t you want to be adopted?” the girl asks. “No, I want to forget,” Tip replies. “West will help you forget,” the girl continues. She outlines why a life of pleasure is the perfect remedy for that. Tip submerges herself under water once again. We see the girl is actually West in disguise.

Later, Dorothy and Sylvie are heading to Lucas. They unfortunately run into Eamonn (Mido Hamada). “So, the girl who fell from the sky,” he says by way of introduction. He yanks off Dorothy’s hood.

“Who is she?” Jack asks Jane as he walks about the lab.”We’re going on an outing,” is her reply. She gives him clothes.

Meanwhile, at North’s mansion, Tip catches West. She knew the witch was in the bath with her. West asks the girl what she wants. Tip has a steep asking price – she desires West’s magic.

“No magic in Nimbo?” our Great and Powerful Wizard asks. He interrogates a townsmen who avidly spoke out against him when he arrived. “Do you know the difference between science and magic?” he quizzes. Ten points for Ravenclaw  for mentioning the episode title!

We see Eamonn is preparing to kill Dorothy right then and there. However, something impedes him from doing so – the appearance of Lucas’ sword. “I knew the man who carried that. Where is he?” the head guard barks. While this is unfolding, Lucas tries to get closer to the action. Dorothy claims she does not know. Eamonn confesses he has been looking for Lucas for a very long time. Eamonn wrenches Sylvie away from Dorothy. In retaliation, Dorothy shoots her gun in the air, spooking everyone in the village. Lucas swoops in and grabs Sylvie. Eamonn spots him and yells “Nolan! Nolan, is that you?” His real name is Nolan? What? After telling Eamonn several times to stand down, Dorothy shoots him when he gets too close. “That man knew me,” Lucas says, awestruck, after the gang reaches a safe spot.

Later, Jack and Jane are heading to an unknown destination. He meets Lady Ev (Stefanie Martini), who is the strange masked woman he met previously. “You are walking and talking at the expense of my kingdom,” she tells him. Jane divulges to Jack that the Lady Ev now owns him.

Meanwhile, safely ensconced in the forest, Dorothy and Lucas are having a late night chat. Sylvie is fast asleep. “Is there magic in your world?” Lucas asks Dorothy. She procures her iPod and puts on music for him, which startles Lucas at first. Then he grows to enjoy it.

The Wizard watches Anna while she sleeps. They are heading back to the Emerald City. While this occurs, the townsfolk of Nimbo have turned a new leaf. “I propose we embrace the teachings of the Wizard!” booms the townsman the Wizard spoke with. Magic will be no more.

Back in the woods, Lucas and Dorothy are close. Very, very close. “Who I want to be, is who I am today,” Lucas whispers. Again with the damn magical kissing words! It works, because they get to smooching. Finally!

EMERALD CITY -- "Science and Magic" Episode 104 -- Pictured: (l-r) Adria Arjona as Dorothy, Oliver Jackson Cohen as Lucas -- (Photo by: David Lukacs/NBC)

Morning dawns on the three campers. Dorothy and Lucas wake up to noises (always the weird noises) and are on the alert. They decide to split up. Lucas and Sylvie run into Eamonn, who is very much alive and on horseback. Dorothy runs in the opposite direction. She is knocked unconscious by a flying wooden boomerang of sorts. We see Ojo (Olafur Darri Olafsson) standing over her. Uh-oh!

This might be the best Emerald City episode yet! I enjoyed the plot lines intertwining, and the vast character progressions for Tip and Jack. We have a Tin Man, now all we need is a Cowardly Lion. What happened to Anna with the mirror pool? Does she have the ability to teleport now? Finally, of course, a big robust “Yay!” for that Dorothy and Lucas smooch fest. I am content.

Emerald City airs Fridays at 8pm on your NBC affiliate.


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