Sarah Kinney’s world turned upside down in Reginald the Vampire‘s first season. While embarking on a sweet, burgeoning romance with Reginald Andres, she learned about the existence of vampires and her dark past found her in Akron. Of course, her boyfriend being an undead creature of the night certainly threw a wrench in things. 

Recently, I had the privilege of chatting with Em Haine about her role as Sarah, where we find Sarah at the start of Season 2, how her relationship with Reginald evolves and more. 

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This interview is condensed for length and clarity. 

Sarah’s Headspace in Season 2

Melody McCune: Sarah went through the wringer last season, not just with Reginald but also by learning about vampires and her occultist church past coming back to haunt her. Where do we find her with this new angel threat at the start of Season 2?

Em Haine: Sarah did go through the wringer last season. She’s trying to pick up the pieces a bit. This huge defining thing happened to Reggie (Jacob Batalon), and while, of course, that affects her, she’s starting to ask questions like, “What do I want to do? What are my strengths?” She did all these big outer moves, and she’s got to start looking inward, like, “Where do I land?” That said, we have angels and vampires. I work at the Slushy Shack; it’s not much reflective time.

Reginald and Sarah smile while sitting on a bench in a park in Reginald the Vampire Season 2 Episode 1, "The Pompatus of Love."

REGINALD THE VAMPIRE — Season 2 Episode 1 — “The Pompatus of Love” Pictured: (l-r) Jacob Batalon as Reginald Andres, Em Haine as Sarah Kinney — (Photo by: James Dittiger/SYFY)

MM: What can we expect from Sarah and Reggie’s relationship, and how will it evolve in Season 2?

EH:  Sarah puts her foot down a bit at the beginning. She’s definitely a people-pleaser. I’m a people pleaser; I totally get it. 

MM: I get that, too. 

EH: [Boundaries] are so important. She’s going to find a new depth to her own strength this season. 

Sarah’s Motivations

MM: What would you say are her motivations this season?

EH: That self-discovery piece is there. She is taking a bigger look at the relationships around her, seeing what fits her and finding some real family. This season, I get to do some of my favorite scenes with Claire (Thailey Roberge). I love working with Thailey. She’s such a phenomenal young lady, and it’s fun for Sarah to feel like she’s got a family in this new world she’s made.

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MM: You could sense that family dynamic forming in the finale. That’ll be fun to see blossom in Season 2. Piggybacking off that, describe this season using three words.

EH: Creepy. Fiery. Touching. 

MM: That’s a good way to describe the show as a whole. It’s very touching, heartwarming and fun.

EH: Harley [Peyton] has called us a “silly vampire show.” But there are some real human moments this season. I think it’s so beautiful when, in the sci-fi genre, there’s space for these real moments of groundedness and sincerity. I love that.

Sarah and Reginald wear their work uniforms while standing behind the counter at the Slushy Shack in Reginald the Vampire Season 2 Episode 1, "The Pompatus of Love."

REGINALD THE VAMPIRE — Season 2 Episode 1 — “The Pompatus of Love” Pictured: (l-r) Em Haine as Sarah Kinney, Jacob Batalon as Reginald Andres — (Photo by: James Dittiger/SYFY)

Em’s Favorite Scene

MM: Do you have a favorite scene or a behind-the-scenes moment you can share from this season?

EH: My favorite scene is the very last scene for Sarah of this whole season.

MM: I’m excited to see that.

EH: We also have amazing new people coming on the show this season who are phenomenal. We still have all of our gang from last season, who are also phenomenal. It’s so cool to see everyone’s character deepen, the relationships deepen and these new things that they face and how they overcome or don’t overcome them. I love our little crew.

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The Beating Heart of Reginald the Vampire  

MM: Sarah is one of the only humans on the show. How does her humanity affect her place in this upcoming Blood War, and could we see her take up arms and fight?

EH: That’s a great question. Totally. Her humanity is the heart of that group. I think it’s inherently her gift, and she does a lot bravely this season with just her humanity on her back. Even Reggie is finding his humanity, [which is] not only reflected in Sarah but in his own journey this season. Those are big questions that are posed—the ethical consequences of everything.

MM: Do you have a message for Reginald the Vampire fans?

EH: Thanks for watching. I’m so happy we got to make another season for everybody and ourselves, too. We love doing it. I think we really hit our stride in this second season, and I’m excited for the fans to tune in. 

MM: Thank you so much for chatting with me, Sarah! 

EH: Thank you, Melody!

Reginald the Vampire Season 2 premieres on May 8 at 10/9c on SYFY

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