Hello darlings! Now if you needed to make a list of vintage horror icons you might throw on some names like Dracula, Michael Myers or Pinhead. If you want your list to include the best, than it  better include Cassandra Peterson. Though you may know her better by her stage name, Elvira Mistress of the Dark

The cult-movie TV hostess made her debut back in 1981 and quickly became something of a pop culture staple. For her sassy humor and seemingly endless hoard of puns on top of an attire that usually consisted of cleavage-revealing and a tall, dark wig, Elvira was an instant hit. Now, nearly 40 years after her first appearance on Los Angeles television station KHJ, Elvira has stayed more than relevant in the public eye.

Between appearing in nearly 30 movies, spawning her own line of comic books and co-writing horror paperbacks, The Mistress has been busy. Earlier this week the Queen of Halloween herself made a very special announcement in her official newsletter. She’s back in the writing game! Rather than writing a sequel to Transylvania 90210, Elvira is hard at work on a brand new autobiography. 

“I’m busier than ever writing away on my autobiography,” The newsletter teases. “I now have a DEAD-line from my publishers so no more messing around.” I’m so happy she never dropped the pun gag. It just makes me so happy. The newsletter continues with a release date. “My book is due at the end of February so we can have a Halloween 2020 release!” Clearly she’s keeping the details vague for now, though maybe she’ll spill some more details during one of her upcoming appearances. 

‘Till then make sure you stay tuned! We’ll update you as soon as we know anything new. 

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Fallon Marie Gannon