Since the first online casinos were created in the 1990s, they have become one of the most popular pastime activities in the online world. Last year, with the COVID-19 outbreak, people all over the world were encouraged to stay home and comply with lockdowns and health protocols, leading traditional land-based gambling facilities to shut down physical operations, and making online casinos and other iGaming platforms to become safe, and attractive, alternatives for many players.

From the convenience and safety of playing at home, to their many bonuses and jackpots, there are many reasons why casino games are still so popular. Given most traditional brick-and-mortar venues are still closed in several countries, iGaming, or online gambling, became a viable option for those seeking alternate forms of entertainment. This led the industry to experience a surge in 2020, and online casinos accounted for almost 50 percent of the market share.

Online casinos were created around 1994, and in two years there were already over 15 casino websites available, with companies like Microgaming and Playtech behind the development of these games. Back then, the selection of games was still very limited, and slot games were the main attraction in these websites, due to the technical limitations at that time. However, as technology advanced, making personal computers more powerful and internet access faster, companies began focusing on different games, with better gameplays, graphics, and sound effects, finally providing an authentic casino experience to online bettors.

Today, the offer of online casinos and casino games is almost endless, and classics like roulette and blackjack are featured in most of these websites. There are also many innovations, such as live dealer tables, which are operated by professional croupiers, Virtual Reality casinos, and even betting with cryptocurrencies. In this article, we’ll cover some aspects that can improve your gaming results, or, at least, decrease your losses. However, regardless of strategies and systems, it’s imperative to gamble responsibly.

Improving roulette results

One of the most celebrated casino games, roulette has been available at online casinos since their inception. The game is offered in many different variants, including the classics American and French roulette. There are also themed tables, and even novelty games like multiball roulette and pinball roulette.

Unfortunately, roulette is strictly a game of chance, and there isn’t a single strategy that can guarantee wins. However, there is a simple step that can decrease losses, and even improve winnings, and all you have to do is correctly select the game variant. The wheel design is an important aspect, as the American wheel features an extra zero pocket, in comparison with the French layout. Therefore, the house advantage for these layouts varies significantly. The house edge for the French layout is 2.7 percent, which means players lose $2.7 for every $100 wagered on average over time. Whereas, American roulette has a 5.26 percent house edge. When given the chance, you should always opt for the French wheel design.

Apart from this, there are a few special rules that can help improve winnings as well. Games that offer the surrender rule grant refunds in case the ball lands on the zero pocket, and the en prison rule gives players an extra ball if the first one lands on the zero.

Blackjack requires a lot of studying

Arguably the most popular casino and card game in the world, blackjack has become a staple at online casinos, and a game of choice for online punters, due to its straightforward rules and lower house edge. But a common mistake made by novice players is thinking blackjack is an easy game of chance, with no skills involved.

Blackjack requires a lot of studying to completely understand the many nuances of the game, and an important aid is the blackjack strategy chart. This is a color-coded guide that helps players identify the best course of action for many different hands in the game. For instance, if you have a hard total of 14 and the dealer is showing 7 as the upcard, the guide shows you should hit in this scenario. It’s really important to study the chart, and even know it by heart, to significantly improve your winnings.

Another factor that can help players decrease losses is the payout for a natural blackjack (ace plus 10, J, Q, or K). Players should stay away from 6:5 payout tables, since this ratio means a $100 wager will only get a $120 payout, instead of $150 with the 3:2 ratio. Insurance and side bets are off the table, since these wagers usually increase the house edge to over 7 percent.


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