Are you ready for Ready Player One this weekend? A lot of us are! And to prep you for the release, there’s a special website that you’ll be dying to search through. Why you ask? Well that’s because it’s filled with Easter eggs! Our friends over at Read It Forward have brought a unique experience to re-live or possibly discover the magic of the novel by Ernest Cline

When you enter the site, an 8-bit scoreboard greets you. All the top 10 spots have the initials of “JDH”, standing for James Donovan Halliday, the creator of the fictional Oasis. After you enter your own initials, you’re treated to the prequel chapter of the novel. It’s here where you can try to find the Easter eggs throughout the page. I can’t give you any hints, but you can gain up to 10,000 points for finding all of them.

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To give that some perspective, I only got 5,500 points. So there’s a lot of hidden things to find. Plus, if you’ve never read the novel, you can get a glance at the writing style to see if it’s for you. Personally I enjoyed it so re-reading a gamified version the prequel chapter really put me back in the mindset of our main character Wade Watts. Plus I’m a sucker for Easter eggs so it was really fun to click around and try to find them. Clearly I have more work to do! 

Let us know what your high-score is! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more fun. Ready Player One debuts in theaters on March 29th.



Erin Lynch