My favorite and most unexpected announcement from the Xbox and Bethesda Gaming Showcase for E3 2021 comes in the form of Arkane Studio’s Redfall. I’ve rewatched this trailer six or so times now and every time, there is something new to uncover! Let’s break down everything we know so far!

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Redfall is a co-op open-world first-person shooter where you and up to three friends can take down a horde of vampires who have invaded your town. Really, that was all they needed to tell me to win my heart. But it gets better. We will get the chance to pick from a diverse mix of characters with different abilities! From the trailer, we have seen that each of the four characters featured has a different ability.

It is safe to say that each playable character will feature their own special abilities like stealth and teleporting and a specific gun skill set. It will be interesting how players will create their four-person teams and if the characters will fall into specific roles like support, healing and DPS similar to other first-person shooters. Or, will we get to chose who we play based solely on aesthetics and their abilities?

Four characters coming in Arkane Studio's Redfall.

Jacob Boyer, Layla Ellison, Remi De La Rosa and Devinder Crousley from Redfall.

Arkane Studio’s Ricardo Bore promised fans that they will be getting a similar experience we have come to know from the studio, which is giving everyone the idea that this will focus on a story experience shared among your friends. And I am here for it! They did share that you can play with up to four others, so, hopefully, the game will scale for smaller groups. I love playing with friends, but sometimes a narrative story is best experienced alone.

And I don’t think I can talk about Redfall without discussing the very Left 4 Dead horror vibes! Seriously, you know me! Make a game a horror-like experience and I am there. I’ve got tons of questions about this world, the characters’ powers, the vampires and so much more. But first I have got to know about the group’s experience with the Yetis! If you pay attention close enough there is a quick comment about them and I have got to know more!

With a release date not set until Summer 2022, there is still time for us to get gameplay trailers, BETAs and more news. What is your favorite part of the trailer? It was Layla, wasn’t it? She definitely is my favorite character so far! Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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