Hey, fans of dystopia!  Download this into your nodes!  Sarah Govett’s 2015 dystopian young adult novel, The Territory, is being adapted into a movie.  New Pictures’ Elaine Pyke acquired the rights to the book, the first in Govett’s Territory trilogy, and it will be appearing on your tv screens.  Deadline reported on Friday.  

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The Territory follows teenager Noa Blake in the year 2059, when Britain has devolved into a disease ridden ‘Wetlands’.  Blake is fortunate to be in The Territory, a safe haven from the disease that plagues the population.  But, it’s not so safe.  Every year, “children are shipped off to near certain death following population purges.  Surrounded by ‘freakoids’, genetically engineered children who are able to download knowledge into their brains, Blake has her work cut out to stay educated and stay alive.”

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Govett expressed her excitement at the news by saying, “I wrote The Territory in order to highlight the environmental and educational challenges that teenagers are facing today, so I’m delighted about the prospect of seeing the books come to life on TV.”  New Pictures is currently working on a couple of projects with Netflix, so the streaming service is a likely candidate to air The Territory.  

There is no word on cast or whether The Territory: Escape or The Territory: Truth will also be adapted.  We will keep you in the know! 



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