Cinematic powerhouse Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has his hands in everything. Literally, everything. I can’t seem to get away from him. One of his upcoming conquests is starring in a Black Adam film as the titular character. While at a Fate of the Furious premiere, he caught up with Josh Horowitz at MTV. Horowitz asked him some Black Adam questions and Johnson delivered some interesting tidbits.

While he was unable to talk specifics, he did give us one interesting point that I wasn’t expecting. Black Adam will have his own film and so will Captain Marvel/Shazam. Say what? According to Johnson, he’s had great discussions with Geoff Johns regarding the DCEU. “This is a really, really fun and cool time for DC right now because they’re really in a process of truly world building. …we have some few surprises down the line. So what we decided to do is actually create a scenario where Black Adam is having his stand-alone movie. Captain Marvel/Shazam will have his stand-alone movie. And that way we’re building our world up that way. And then we can come together at some other point.” Interesting! This may be the first time a villain and hero will have their own separate movies before clashing.

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Johnson continued expressing again that there will be surprises for Black Adam down the line. And told Horowitz that it’s going to be “fucking awesome”. He didn’t say anything further than that so let me put on my speculation hat. I will go out on a limb and say that Black Adam will be in Man of Steel 2. Now why do I say that? Well again, it’s speculation. But Henry Cavill posted a picture of himself and Johnson (now deleted) together late last year. The rumor’s been circulating since the picture was posted online and Black Adam and Superman have clashed in the comics as well, so it’s entirely possible. Having him in Man of Steel 2 would be one hell of an entrance.

What do you think of Dwayne Johnson’s comments? Are you looking forward to Black Adam in the DCEU? Check out the video below and let us know! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more DCEU news!



Erin Lynch