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Are you looking to treat your fellow TTRPG players to a round of drinks or a tasty snack? How about something your band of adventurers can enjoy in the game and real life? Look no further than Puncheons & Flagons: The Official Dungeons & Dragons Cocktail Book. Andrew Wheeler, the co-author of the D&D Young Adventurer Guide series, worked alongside Wizards of the Coast to bring us exciting recipes inspired by Dungeons and Dragons. The question isn’t ‘Should you pick this up,’ but ‘What cocktail will you serve first?’

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Puncheons & Flagons

Have you ever looked at a book and thought, ‘That would look great in my collection?’ That was the exact thought that crossed our minds when we first spotted Puncheons & Flagons. Aesthetically, it belongs on every D&D fan’s shelf. It visually looks like a smaller version of the campaign and rule books, helping it blend right in. The art and photos within make it perfect for anyone’s coffee table.

But this isn’t all about how beautiful the book looks. What we love are the incredibly fun recipes within. What we love about D&D is how much of an escape it can be from the real world. Nothing is better than exploring new places, meeting new people and living out some of your greatest adventures with friends by your side. The recipes in the book aren’t just your typical mixed drinks and bar food. There are fun easter eggs and recipes that tie in directly to the world, characters, and so much more.

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Three images from the Puncheons & Flagons: The Official Dungeons & Dragons Cocktail Book featuring the Inkpot Negroni, TPK (Total Party Katastrophe) and the Utmost Discretion.

Puncheons & Flagons: The Official Dungeons & Dragons Cocktail Book

Do you need to be a mixologist or chef to enjoy this book? Absolutely not. The first section of Puncheons & Flagons focuses on what one would need to start a home bar. Wheeler shares insight on everything from what glasses to look for to the different tools used. He then moves on to more tips and techniques to help bring the recipes to life. As someone who is very particular about their drinks, Wheeler has a small section on adapting recipes that we found extremely helpful.

Each section after that features a particular alcohol and connects it to the world of D&D. Wheeler shares recipes featuring brandy from The Driftwood Tavern in Neverwinter and has an entire section dedicated to rum from The Low Lantern in Baldur’s Gate. For those looking for mocktails, the final section features nonalcoholic refreshments from The Hissing Stones in Baldur’s Gate. Imagine starting a game for your players in The Yawning Portal while pouring up Tavern Punch or Cherry Mead.

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What helps set Puncheons & Flagons apart from other traditional recipe books (aside from being D&D-themed, of course) is all of the fun extras that come with each drink and snack. Take Wheeler’s recipe for the Hand of Vecna from The Gilded Horseshoe Inn. The introduction to the drink is a background history into the lore of Vecna. He even explains the legendary item. After that, it shifts to the ingredients and directions for how to make the drink.

Whether you are looking for new drink and snack recipes to enjoy or are a D&D lore nerd, Andrew Wheeler’s Puncheons & Flagons: The Official Dungeons & Dragons Cocktail Book needs to be on your shelf.

Be sure to pick up your copy when it hits shelves on August 27, 2024.

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