With Christmas being just around the corner, I’m having mild panic attacks that I won’t be ready in time. I have this thing where I tell myself I will start getting gifts in June and then in November I have a good laugh before panic shopping. What is worse, is I never know what to get for the little kids in my life.

However, this year, Wizards of the Coast has my back! They just released two extremely charming kids books titled, The ABCs of D&D and The 123s of D&D. The books remind me of the tiny hardback books we would get as kids except now they are filled with references to Dungeons & Dragons. The books are written and illustrated by D&D fanatics Ivan Van Norman and Caleb Cleveland.


The ABCs of D&D  and The 123s of D&D help teach little adventurers their letters and numbers through rhyming couplets and delightful illustrations as well as introducing them to the world of D&D. Of course the books are based on D&D however they do not feature any of the scary/mature parts (except a fantastic part about Ravenloft) and is simple enough to help young readers understand. The books are easy to read through and aside from a few kind of big words, are perfect for little kids. So whether you choose to read these to the tiny adventurers in your life or let them read it to you, it will make the perfect holiday gift.

I seriously hope that they continue to produce content like this for the younger ages so I can slowly introduce my younger nieces and nephews to this amazing world! You can pick The ABCs of D&D and The 123s of D&D up now at Barnes and Nobles or Amazon and where they retail for $14.99.



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