Season eight of Adventurers League went into full swing on August 30, 2018 inviting to players to Waterdeep. During the Stream of Many Eyes event, Wizards of the Coast introduced their next adventure with a weekend full of gaming. The new season brings changes in more than just location, but also rules in progression and magic items. Adventurers League is an on going Dungeons and Dragons campaign that is played throughout thousands of game stores, conventions and homes around the world. Players can take their character from one table to another and continue on with an amazing adventure without skipping a beat. If you are looking to play you can check out the store locator here to find a gaming shop near you. If you want to know more about the changes that are in motion keep on reading below!


New Location

Season eight is taking players to the town of Waterdeep, the City of Splendors.  This will introduce a new urban play style having a major focus on role playing. While not only being one of the largest cities in Faerûn, it also holds some of the most influential people. Players will need to work together to unravel a plot that will either see them as victors or will erase them from history forever. However if players need to be afraid of anything, it will be Xanathar, the crime lord beholder in the belly of Waterdeep. If it is any hint, the final adventure listed in the catalog is “Xanathar’s Wrath”. Or maybe he finally realized that his goldfish isn’t the original one.

Progression Changes

One of the iconic things within Dungeons and Dragons is players completing adventures to obtain experience. This experience is used to level up and learn new skills and spells. Most importantly in Adventurers League, players use this experience to move up into new tiers. Looking to catch up with the ever changing world, AL is moving from experience points to advancement check points.

This system rewards players for actively taking part in the adventure by rewarding them with check points. Between each level is a set number of check points they must complete in order to move up. If players are using the hardback adventure book, a player will receive one checkpoint advancement for each hour they play that makes progress towards the adventure’s goal. During Adventurers League play dungeon masters will be given a list of specific goals for each adventure and the corresponding advancement check points the players will earn for completing them. Of course there are extra points for successfully completing things, however if a group fails to do something they may lose an advancement point as well. For instance saving an entire town will reward players with a bonus check point, but allowing innocents to die out of neglect will lose them one.

If players wish to hold themselves back, they may choose the slow progression option. Some players may feel they want to enjoy one of a particular tier and do not wish to move on just yet. In that case, they can choose to take half the rewarded advancement points as well as half the awarded down time and treasure points they would receive from an adventure. Choosing this route might not make you the wealthiest player, but you will be able to enjoy more adventures in your specific tier.

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Update Reward System

During past AL campaigns, each adventure had a magic item that the players could find and one of them could keep. Each adventure had a specific item and it could take months to find one that had something worthwhile to your character’s class. Not only that, but you also had to discuss among the rest of your group as to who would get it in the end. The new rules take away the endless bickering that can ensue and instead rewards players with treasure checkpoints.

Similar to advancement checkpoints, players will receive treasure checkpoints for each hour of they play and progress towards their goal based on their tier.When they come across a magic item in a campaign, it unlocks for the player to purchase either right then, during the next session, or anytime during the current season. While you can choose to use your treasure checkpoints at any time to purchase items, they must be from the corresponding list or one tier below. All treasure checkpoints accrued during tier two must be used for either tier one or tier two magic items.

You also don’t have to worry about losing out on all the gold you have saved up, it will stay with you! However there are some magic items that are causing quite a bit of trouble. These items will needed to be traded in and players will get something in return. For instance anyone wielding the Dawnbringer will receive either the sunblade or 24 treasure checkpoints. A complete list of items that need to be turned in can be found here.

With all the changes upcoming in season eight, players might feel a bit overwhelmed. Don’t worry though because this is new to everyone! Remember to give players and dungeon masters time to acclimate to the new play style. I can not wait for Tuesday when we get to sit down and delve into the mysterious world of Waterdeep. Want to get yourself a copy of the hardbook adventure? You can find it here for pre order! The book will officially release on September 18, 2018.

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