My friendly local game store owner knows me quite well. So when I saw his text with an image of a newly arrived item, I could immediately feel my wallet squirming in my pocket. It was Dungeonmeister: A Drink Master’s Guide, boasting “75 epic cocktail recipes to boost your campaign,” written by Jef Aldrich and Jon Taylor. Now all I hear is Hungry Like The Wolf in my head, so I’m both aging myself and certainly digressing, but then again, Duran Duran is timeless so get off my lawn! Anyways, I immediately said I would take the book. Within hours I had both it and a game called Drinking Quest: Old Habits in my hands, with visions of drunken revelry and nerdy exploits in my near future.

Fast forward a couple of days, and I had perused both and even made myself a drink, Twin Strikes (2 parts vodka, 1 part curacao, 1 part lime juice). I then made a video overview of the book and the game: 


Fast forward a couple more days, and I had gathered a small party (my wife and another couple) to embark on our quest. We spent a fun evening mixing drinks from the recipe book and also drinking our way through the four quests in Drinking Quest: Old Habits. The game is designed and published by Jason Anarchy Games. It is super light, with the players taking turns drawing a card from the quest deck and dealing with the monsters or events thereon. There is dice rolling, role playing, and laughter. The game is designed to be funny for sure (one of your stats is sexual prowess) but we also found it challenging enough to cause us to die often and chug our drinks, which I believe is also the point of the game.

In the end, a fun night was had by all. If you like to nerd out and drink at the same time this combo is a no-brainer. I made several videos of my buddy mixing the drinks and also a gameplay video of our escapades. These will be uploaded to my YouTube channel (@fenirob) in the near future so you can check them out if you like (heck, subscribe even). The first drink we made was called Blue Mana and that can be admired here: 

Well, I hope this raises the prospects for a fun Game Night of Revelry +3 in your near future. Thanks for reading and watching. And remember to keep (responsibly) nerding on!

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