Stellen Skarsgård is the latest to sign on for the Dune remake, playing the larger than life Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He joins Timothee Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson and Dave Bautista in Legendary’s remake of the Frank Herbert novel. Denis Villeneuve will direct the film.

Dune takes place in the distant future. The book tells a story of betrayal and vengeance. Two families, the Atreides and Harkonnens are pitted against each other for control of the one substance that rules supreme over the universe, the Spice. The Harkonnens are a ruthless and sadistic family who will do anything to have that power and they are led by the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. Bautista will play the Baron’s nephew the Beast Rabban Harkonnen. 

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Skarsgård has an impressive resume. Among his many roles, he is known for his role as Erik Selvig in a couple of Thor and Avengers movies. He has also appeared in several other films including Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and King Arthur. From everything known about the Baron, it will be interesting to see what Skarsgård will look like once the film is complete. He definitely has the potential to be despicably arrogant.  

David Lynch adapted the novel in 1984. Kenneth McMillan brought the Baron to life in this film and he wasn’t very pleasant to look at. McMillan’s Baron was a little psychotic but strategic. Syfy had a different look in mind for the 2000 mini-series. Ian McNeice portrayed the Baron, who was just as ruthless and ambitious. He was a bit more haughty and regal though. 

Villeneuve’s Dune starts shooting in Budapest in March and will be made into two movies. Keep checking back with Geek Girl Authority as more news becomes available.   



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