You know who’s hot? It’s Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe). And you know what’s likely to be hot? “The Fiery Cross.” That’s the title of the first episode of Outlander Season Five, which airs this Sunday, February 16, on Starz. 

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At last! The droughtlander is over, and if you’ve read the Diana Gabaldon books that inspire the series, you’ll recognize the season premiere title as being the same as her fifth book, The Fiery Cross

I won’t risk spoiling anything (beyond what the trailer does, below) by commenting on what *should* happen this season, but I will help refresh your memory about where we left everyone at the end of Season Four.

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I found the Season Four finale, “Man of Worth,” very satisfying. It wrapped some extremely frustrating storylines and reunited our heroes… well, most of our heroes. 

After months of trekking through the wilderness, Jamie and Claire finally found Roger (Richard Rankin) with the Mohawk. Young Ian (John Bell) traded himself for Roger, choosing a new kind of life for himself while freeing Roger to choose his. 

Once they were away from the tribe, Jamie let Roger beat him up for a while as retribution for literally everything Roger had experienced since their first meeting. Then Claire and Jamie broke down for Roger what was happening back home– Brianna (Sophie Skelton) was pregnant with a baby that might not be his, due to her having been raped by the despicable Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers). They told him to come home and love that baby like his own or not bother coming at all. Roger opted to take a horse and make his own way back to River Run so he could work through his thoughts.

At River Run, Jocasta (Maria Doyle Kennedy) and Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix) GOT. IT. ON. I may think it’s creepy watching Roger and Brianna make love, since we were introduced to them as children, but I was 100% on board for the initial Murtasta coupling. They also helped Brianna deliver a healthy baby boy, which she did outside of wedlock despite dishy Lord John Grey (David Berry) offering to make an honest woman of her. 

In the last minutes of the season, Roger rode up to River Run to claim his little family… and immediately a horde of Red coats arrived. Jocasta had the presence of mind to tell Murtagh to hide, but everyone was surprised that their visit wasn’t to catch him– it was to task Jamie with catching and killing him for the Governor!

The other big revelation of last season was Roger finding another circle of buzzing stones in the American wild, and the Mohawk confirming that the ghost Claire met was a time traveler like her. These discoveries leave all of the Fraser clan with a decision to make: should they stay or should they go now?



Leona Laurie