I’ve been playing the Animal Crossing series since my days on the GameCube, but even I suffer from burnout sometimes. Luckily, there are some outstanding islands to visit through their dream addresses to rekindle my fire and get me back on island time. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is my favorite in the series so far, if only for the fan base’s intense creativity. There was a massive influx of new players to the franchise when quarantine hit in the same month that the game came out. This breathed new life into the community as the new features pulled out the creativity in players across the globe. 

The BEST part about all of these amazing new players and unique new features is that Nintendo has made it easier than ever to visit these builds. Between the DLC island database and the ease of the dream suite, there are boundless maps to visit to rekindle your decorating passions too! Below are some of my favorite islands to shake off the slump. 


Animal Crossing Harry Potter

Our first Animal Crossing: New Horizons island is Harry Potter themed and is magic. There are five houses to explore, so getting through this island takes a while, but it is worth the time for any Potter-head. It has everything: impressive design work, terraforming, custom design slots and a true dedication to the source material. Hop on the train, change into your robes and grab a pumpkin pastry while wandering about this enchanting island.

Dream Address: 1631-2106-4289

Find the creator Ana on Instagram here!


Animal Crossing Stardew Valley

The owner of VaporIsle painstakingly recreated every inch of Pelican Town from Stardew Valley. It’s completely perfect down to the very last detail. It is a joy to explore the familiar map and discover the hidden details tucked around every corner than put you in the farmer’s boots. Some islands boost impressive terraforming, but the use of custom codes and the creator’s dedication make this one stand out. We give this Animal Crossing: New Horizons island an iridium value rating! 

Dream Address: 7027-7304-9940

Find the creator Kaylee everywhere here!


Animal Crossing Disneyland

What’s better than going to Disney? Going to Disney for the Not So Scary Halloween Party, of course! This map is based on Disneyland in California rather than Disney World in Florida, so the rides are laid out corresponding to that map and may not be in the place you are used to. Dress in your best Halloween costume, get a seat for the parade and have a magical time exploring this packed park. This park is full of so many little details that even major Disney fans might have a hard time spotting them all! 

Dream Address: 2204-2293-5663

Find the creator Veronica everywhere here!

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Animal Crossing Japan

I’ve never been to Japan, but I have watched a lot of anime, and touring Dimsum is just like walking around in a Japanese town from an anime/manga. There are several different zones on this island to explore, from more rural settings to the cityscape and a star forest. The creator also used forced perspective spots to make the island feel larger and the effect is terrific. There are tools and outfits by the airport to help you explore every nook and cranny of this thoughtfully put-together Animal Crossing: New Horizons island. 

Dream Address: 8076-6607-5056

Find the creator Bocky on Instagram here!


AC National Park

Arcadia is an incredible island that is themed after National Parks! It is a very natural feeling island but don’t think that means it is empty. The views on this map are honestly stunning but don’t shy away from visiting one of the seven homes it has to offer or the remodeled villager houses. The creator used the update items so effectively to fill out their island. You’ll leave with a feeling of wanderlust and a new appreciation for the color green!

Dream Address: 8280-7627-7354

Find the creator Jess on Instagram here!


AC Pokemon

Gear up, trainer; you are heading to the wide world of Pokemon! You are transported into the world of your childhood dreams from the entrance. From what I can tell, the areas are mainly based on the games and are so exceptionally well done. The terraforming in this island is outstanding too, which you will note when you open the map. There are so many small details and large, complex areas that add to the experience on this Animal Crossing: New Horizons island. Get ready to catch some inspiration! 

Dream Address: 7726-8794-8538

Find the creator boejalmeo on Twitter here!

New Nook

AC New Nook Dream Address

This urban island is unreal! New Nook is a totally groovy take on New York City and a step back in time. The clothing left for the visitors and tiny retro details scattered about suggest that it is set in the 1970s. There is so much to love on this island, but my absolute favorite part is how incorporated the villagers are. Much custom design work went into this jaw-dropping Animal Crossing: New Horizons island to make it feel as alive and bustling as possible. Don’t forget to stop and feed the ducks while you are in Central Park! 

Dream Address: 3173-8165-0546

Find the creator tropikitch on Twitter here!

Amazing right? Which Anima Crossing island will you visit first on the list? Did we miss your favorite dream address, or does your island belong on our list? Let us know down below and on social media!

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