Dota 2 is a hard game to play. It is hard for beginners because there are so many things to learn. However, there are those who emerged victorious in the game and have carved a niche for themselves. Today, let us take the time to check who the top teams are in the league for 2021.


Also known as LGD Gaming, the team used the moniker For the Dream when they first started out. Their sponsor for Dota 2 was LGD, and this is why they use this name today.

The team started in 2009 and entered a partnership with various organizations like Paris Saint-Germain and Epicenter XL. They are based in China, and they are currently one of the best Chinese teams.  

Despite starting in 2009, they did not join Dota 2 until 2012. They placed third on their first foray into Dota but did what they could to dominate and achieve a top spot in the league.

2. Evil Geniuses

Referred to as EG by fans, Evil Genius has been around since 1999. They are one of the most tenured professional gaming teams in North America. Due to this, many consider them as one of the most successful teams active in the world of eSports today.

Based in Seattle, Washington, the team participates in several leagues, not just Dota 2. Here are some of the games where you could find them:

  • Call of Duty
  • CS:GO
  • Rainbow Six
  • Rocket League Global
  • Fortnite Royale
  • World of Warcraft

Back in 2019, a company called PEAK6 acquired the team. One of the best accolades of the team is winning the International 2015 Dota 2 tournament. They got the largest payout in the history of eSports. Currently, they are focusing on three games only: Dota 2, CS and League of Legends.

3. Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming joined the eSports bandwagon in 2012. Right off the bat, the players that joined have the highest skills in the Dota 2 community. Vici Gaming is one of the most prestigious teams in China.

Here are some of the games they play apart from Dota 2:

  • Warcraft III
  • Fifa
  • Hearthstone
  • CS:GO

What makes them popular is their ranking in Dota 2. They have been consistently at the top spot in various tournaments.

4. Virtus.Pro

VP is not only a Dota 2 contender, but they are also one of the best teams in CS:GO. It is a Russian team that has been around since 2003. If you love eSports, it is not uncommon to see their name in the leaderboards. Many eSports bettors take bonuses like the GGBet bonus to bet on this team.

Here are some of the games they play:

  • CS:GO
  • Apex Legends
  • Starcraft II
  • Hearthstone

The team has been in several Majors for Dota 2. They got a winning record and the accolade of the best team in the Dota Pro Circuit in the first season. It is like the equivalent of the best rookie.

5. Team Nigma

This is a European gaming team comprised of former members of Team Liquid, most of whom were champions in the International 2017. The team debuted in 2019.  As professional players in Dota 2, they ranked second in their first year in Dota 2. This is because four out of the five members have extensive Dota 2 experience.

In 2020, they won WePlay Tug of War. Specifically, they got the Mad Moon trophy and bagged a whopping $130,000. The team is all geared to promote eSports in the middle east. They hosted events like the Rising Star tournament. It is also during this year when their leader, KuroKy, announced that they were considering another eSports apart from Dota 2.  

2020 was a great year for the team, as they had several wins in Tier 2 tournaments. Their second big win for the year was the Mad Moon, and it was a dominant victory against Team Secret.

6. Invictus Gaming

Last on our list is also a Chinese outfit. The team started back in 2011, and unlike Nigma, they are not solely focused on Dota 2. The team is so popular that a wealthy man in China bought it for $6 million.  

Here are the other games they play:

  • Starcraft II
  • League of Legends

Invictus is the champion of LoL in 2018, and this is a great addition to their success story on top of their prominence in Dota 2.

Back in 2011, the team was playing Dota only, but they quickly transitioned to Dota 2. At that time, they won the championship and took home the prize of $1,000,000 in 2012. In the same year, they also won the championship in World Cyber Games.


DOTA 2 is one of the biggest games in eSports because of the strategy component. Every player must act according to the environment of the round. On top of that, there is a large pool of heroes with different powers—you have to know their weaknesses and exploit them to win. If you are an avid eSports bettor, make sure to get the GGbet promo code for your bonus to augment your bankroll.


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