The teaser for the live-action Titans spin-off series, Doom Patrol was released this week. The teaser is merry and bright in the middle of this winter holiday season. And, those good vibes were followed by more good vibes with talk that the series is already being renewed for a second season. That’s ahead of its season one release!  

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Doom Patrol will follow Cyborg (Joivan Wade) as he rallies a rag tag group of heroes to his side to combat a new threat. April Bowlby (Elasti-Woman), Matt Bomer (Negative Man) and Brendan Fraser (Robotman) will reprise their Titans roles (with Matthew Zuk physically playing Negative Man and Riley Shanahan physically representing Robot Man). Bond himself, Timothy Dalton, will be taking over the role of Doom Patrol leader Niles Caulder.

The teaser is light-hearted and funny. It gives us the inner dialogue of each team member as they attempt to pose for a ‘family’ portrait. It’s a brief look into the personalities of each character and it definitely gets you interested in how this group dynamic will flesh out. reported on Sunday that the show has already been internally renewed for Season 2. The official announcement is expected to come sometime before the February 15 premiere of Doom Patrol’s first season.  



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