With the final chapter of Life is Stranger 2 set to release in December, it was only natural that fans of DONTNOD would be looking to what was coming next. So it was no real surprise that during the X019 show on November 14, 2019 that we got our first glimpse of Tell Me Why. The true to life narrative based game will feature twins Tyler and Alyson as they unravel the memories of their troubled childhood. The game progression will show both of the siblings memories and allow the player to decide whom they want to believe. 

The beautiful art style and feelings fueled story is not the only reason Tell Me Why will stand out. It was also feature the first transgender main character, Tyler. The studio worked alongside Microsoft and the GLAAD to help shape an authentic representation of the trans experience as well as a multidimensional character. From the trailer, I can imagine we are going to be revisiting parts of Tyler’s life that helped shape his journey.

DONTNOD went on to announce that they have listened to their fans and know how hard it can be not knowing the time between episodes. While I understand the allure of episodic games, it can be quite a bit of trouble keeping up with them. For the original Life Is Strange I waited for all of the chapters to be released before playing so I wouldn’t get lost along the way and forget my choices. Thankfully DONTNOD has learned and announced that all three chapters of Tell Me Why will release together in the summer of 2020. The game will be available for PC and Xbox One.

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