With the holidays around the corner now is the time we all start rushing to get our gift shopping done since we all know we didn’t start months ago like we promised ourselves. Don’t fret though! If you have a Star Wars fan on your list, I have got you covered! Don’t get lost on the dark side this holiday season, believe me when I say that they don’t have the good cookies!

Rey and Pals

This adorable kids book from Jeffrey Brown, author of Darth Vader and Son and Vader’s Little Princess is the perfect gift for the young Star Wars fans on your list. Rey and Pals follows Rey and her friends from both the newest trilogy and oldest as they explore and have fun. Not to mention nothing is more adorable than Kylo trying to use the force to win at a game of go fish.

Rey and Pals is available through Chronicle Books and Amazon starting at $14.95.

Leia Organa Rebel Leader Box

For the Star Wars collector on your list, look no further than the Leia Organa Rebel Leader Box. Featuring a hand painted bust of the most notable female rebel in the galaxy, it is the perfect addition to any collector’s shelf. It also includes an illustrated booklet illuminating her role in the franchise as well as Carrie Fisher‘s portrayal in the films.

The Leia Organa Rebel Leader Box can be found on the Chronicle Books site for $19.95.

Star Wars: Smuggler’s Guide

Have a friend that is obsessed with Star Wars lore? Then Star Wars: Smuggler’s Guide is a must buy for them! Found in a strongbox within the Millennium Falcon, this book started off as a simple log book. However, as it made its way through the galaxy after being stolen, traded, lost and then found, it has been filled with pages of information about the galaxy’s shady underground. This book makes the perfect addition to your coffee table or hidden smuggler cave.

Star Wars: Smuggler’s Guide is available through Chronicle Books and Amazon starting at $21.95.

Chewbacca Plush

Cuddle up next to one of the most adorable Wookiee’s in the galaxy. He is fuzzy, warm, and adorable and the best darn co-pilot the Millennium Falcon ever had. So it is clearly a no brainer to get him for the little Star Wars fans on your list. Or the big Star Wars fans, no one here is judging.

The Chewbacca plush doll can be found here for $24.95.

Star Wars D-O Interactive Droid

Featured in the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker this little D-O is the perfect holiday gift for the droid lover on your list. Controlled via an app, he includes multiple modes of play, a moving head and antenna, and even includes LED lights and sounds to replicate his on screen model. Let’s also not forget, he plays fetch. With a ball. How freaking adorable is that! 

The Star Wars Interactive D-O Droid is a Target exclusive and can be bought online or in store for $149.99.

Han Solo Yoga Mat

Have a Star Wars nerd on your list that also likes to get fit? Look no further than Onnit’s Han Solo yoga mat. The iconic Han Solo frozen in carbonite is printed on the front side of the yoga mat and features a moisture wicking and non slip material. So no need to worry about the mat scooting its way across the floor in between poses. And it is reversible, but I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to look at his frozen face?

The Onnit Han Solo yoga mat can be found on their website here starting at $64.95


Now I know what you are saying. Why isn’t there any adorable baby Yoda merch? Well that is because at this time there isn’t any. However, Market Watch thinks we will be getting something as early as Black Friday. We will definitely be keeping everyone posted!

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