Amazing pancake artists, Dr. Dan and Hank of YouTube’s Dancakes, are trying to kill us. Or at least zap us back in time and space. Their latest video shows a time-lapse of the creation of a weeping angel pancake. Using colored batter and a hot griddle, these two Dancake dudes are able to make some pretty whimsical designs. They’ve also drawn out all 13 Doctors including 8.5, a.k.a The War Doctor, and everyone’s favorite Tardis just to name a few.

Each design is drawn up backward on the griddle and then flipped over to reveal the completed image. They use condiment bottles filled with pancake batter to draw the figure with precision and create an outline. (Side-note: I can’t even make a normal looking circle-shaped pancake when I’m using a ladle for my batter so I have no idea how they do this. Probably some wizardry involved as well as quantum-locking.) While it’s pretty easy to see what’s going on during the outline stage, once the background is filled in it’s a lot more difficult to know what you’ll end up with. This particular pancake is definitely not what I thought it would be from the first half of the video, but I’ll let you see why for yourself.

While the skill involved with such a glorious piece of breakfast food is incredible, one can’t help but wonder what happens when you eat it. But I mean really. Don’t we all remember the Doctor telling us, “That which holds the image of an angel itself becomes an angel”? Which means if the pancake holds the image and your stomach holds the pancake then…Uhh…you know what? Just watch the video and try not to think about it! Make sure to watch until the end and seriously remember DON’T BLINK!