Donald Glover hosted SNL on Saturday night. He had one of the best shows I’ve seen a host have in a really long time. He was hilarious as a wily defender of Jurassic World, a nihlist Barbie intern, a terrified Kanye fan and, of course, Lando Calrissian. Did I mention he was also the musical guest?  Oh, yeah.  That too.  

Three of the four best sketches of the night were based on premises that referenced movies. In the first, Glover plays a ridiculous defense attorney with a ridiculous argument.  His client is Jurassic World theme park, and liability is in question. It’s hilarious, and Glover has clearly got Keenan Thompson’s number, because he’s fighting back the giggles the whole time. Check it out. 

As an intern at Mattel’s Barbie division, Glover is surrounded by a couple of real dummies.  His morose intellectual spin on Barbie’s point of view is disturbing and so funny. 

A Kanye Place was the digital short of the episode. And, it was my favorite thing all night. A perfect mash-up of A Quiet Place and the buzz around Kanye West’s controversial week on twitter, this sketch is laugh out loud funny. 


And, last but certainly not least, Glover appeared in Lando’s Summit. It’s a conference for “all black humans.”  Spoilers… there are four. It’s hilarious commentary on the lack of people of color in the Star Wars universe. And, Glover’s ability to accurately channel Billy Dee Williams will never get old.  

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Donald Glover can currently be seen in season two of one of the best shows on TV, Atlanta.  He will appear in Solo: A Star Wars Story starting on May 25th, 2018.



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